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is everything ok

im so confused i had a 5 day blastocyst put back on the 23rd march got a bfp but on the 13th of april started getting brown spotting went to hospital had scan was told could see the yoke sac but come back in 2 days went back and was told i was measuring 4-5 week pregnant from my last period on 1st of march i should be 6 weeks went to talk to doctor and she just said come back in 2 week for another scan to see if it progresses am i measuring the right size i find all this confusing and its killing me waiting another 2 week and to top it off have now split with my husband grrr

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Hi. So sorry to hear that things are not so good with you and your husband at the moment. You have both been going through a particularly stressful time at the moment, so I do hope that things will get better for you both soon. Regarding your treatment cycle and scans. Just occasionally an embryo can be a little slow in developing. This is why you need to get to 7/40wks before any decision can be made as to what is happening with your embryo. It’s a long wait I know, so all you can do is to try and remain positive. Make sure you are continuing to use any prescribed progesterone, whether in pessary form or cream, to give your embryo the best chance of growing. I do wish you well with this and hope that the problems with your husband get resolved. Kind regards Diane


My clinic told me that it's fairly common to have to come back for a further scan, because the first scan is so early that the embryo might need a bit more time before everything shows up properly. I hope this will be the case with you.

I'm v sorry to hear about your split from husband. This is such a stressful time - and I have found that it's not good to take too many big decisions while you're going through it all.




well all spotting as stopped pain eased off so feeling better thanks for reply scan next week not long now xxx


Hope this last week goes quick for you and that you and your husband resolve matters. Good luck xx


4 days left cant wait thank you xx


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