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Confused after viability scan


Hi just wondering if anyone had any advice please? Today I went for my viability scan am 6weeks 5 days. They have told me couldn’t see anything but lining really thick and not had any bleeding. The nurse thought she could see something but said was not in endometrium? ?Have fibroids so this sometimes makes things different when scanning. The nurse took some photos and asked me to wait to see the doctor to confirm there was nothing there. The doctor didn’t see me but has asked that I come back next week on Friday for another scan and keep taking my medications.

They didn’t sound very hopeful just wondering if anyone had had positive results after the 2nd scan.

Thanks in advance x x x

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Hey hun. I can't really offer any advice just wanted to wish you luck and I hope next scan they can see the sac and the baby 💗💗💗💗xxx

Hanbee33 in reply to Klndmr

Ah thank you 🙏 Good luck with your 2ww keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🤞

So sorry you’ve been left in limbo like this. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I just wanted to wish you all the best for your next scan xxx

Hanbee33 in reply to Scarlett13

Thank you so much. Hope everything going well with you x x

Really hope it works out for you . What a horrible and stressful wait . Big hugs to you xxx

Hanbee33 in reply to Lolepops

Thank you x x

I have had a situation where because of my fibroids they couldn’t see my whole womb and at the time weren’t sure if there was one baby or two so asked me to come back a week later. It could well be your embryo has implanted behind a fibroid.. wishing you heaps of luck next week x

Hanbee33 in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you. I am really hoping that has happened but the nurse seemed sure she had a good view, although thought a bit strange as usually all they go on about is the fibroid blocking their view! Good luck for your next cycle x x

I’ve no experience with this I just wanted to say I wish you all the best for the next scan and take it that being asked to continue meds there is still hope I really hope so good luck darling xx

Hanbee33 in reply to Noah1981

Thank you and good luck for your cycle x x

Good luck for the next scan.

Did they take bloods?

Hanbee33 in reply to Hollibob

Thank you. No they didn’t take any bloods. Only when I got home thought about it and seems strange now they didn’t x x

Hollibob in reply to Hanbee33

Maybe give them or your gp a call tomorrow x

All the best for Friday. Hope all is ok 🤞🤞 xx

Thank you. Wishing you lots of luck too 🤞 x x a similar situation. Went for scan. 6w exactly. Something in my womb bit sonographer couldn't be sure what it was. Didn't look as it should. She sent me to A&E querying ectopic. Early preg unit was to busy. Have to go back this afternoon. Hope you get sorted, prob a good idea to ask for bloods xo

Hanbee33 in reply to aamiller405

Thank you. Hope everything goes ok for you this afternoon too will be thinking of you X x

With our first fresh transfer last year I got pregnant, but we knew it was unlikely to be viable as my HCG hadn’t risen sufficiently from first to second test. However I was told to stay on the meds in case and then had a viability scan. They could see the embryo but it was much smaller than it should’ve been by that stage. However, both myself, hubby and the nurse thought we saw a heartbeat, so again I was told to stay on meds and return for another scan a week later. Unfortunately for me, the second scan showed no sign of life so I came off meds. Decided to miscarry naturally but it took weeks. Really feel for you as it’s horrible being in limbo without clear answers. Thinking of you and if it doesn’t work this time, stay strong xxx

Hanbee33 in reply to sarahJE

Thank you I am finding the not knowing the hardest. One minute convinced will be a miracle and everything will be fine next week and next minute sure is all over. Trying to stay positive and lucky still have 2 frozen embryos left.

Congratulations on your result x x

sarahJE in reply to Hanbee33

I know, the waiting and the uncertainty is the worst 😔 staying positive is never a bad thing in my opinion. We’re programmed to not get our hopes up or set ourselves up for a fall, but the truth is, it’s equally devastating when things go wrong whether you were positive or cautious. Will be thinking of you and praying for good news x

Have you had any pain? I would hope the nurse assessed you for an ectopic. Follow up bloods can be useful too, to see how the beta is rising. Good luck!

Hanbee33 in reply to Stephkp0

Thank you. Not had any bleeding or pain. I asked about an ectopic as first she said would need to go to be referred to EPU “in case in the wrong place “ but then after she spoke to the doctor said it definitely wasn’t. X x

Yes hun at my 6 week scan they sonographer could hardly see anything too

I had to go back 1 to 2 weeks later for another where they then saw 2 embies...

So please stay positive.

Hanbee33 in reply to Ladypee

Wow that’s amazing. Thank you.

Hope everything going well for you x x

Did you get your blood test done?

Hanbee33 in reply to Deelit3ful

No they didn’t am going to try and ring today and ask about it. Hope you’re ok x x


I'm sorry you're going through this. I had 3 ectopic so for me it was never a good sign when they couldn't see anything in the uterus around 6/7 weeks. But I don't have any fibroid. Maybe in your case the embryo has implanted behind a fibroid.

I would ask for a blood test. To see the evolution of HCG.

Wishing you good luck on your next scan!


Hanbee33 in reply to lucyyyyy

Thank you really hope that is the case.Gosh that must have been so hard having 3 ectopics. Hope everything ok now x x

lucyyyyy in reply to Hanbee33

It hasn't been an easy road... but we need to keep moving! I had 3 ectopic and 1 miscarriage. Luckily I'm 14 weeks pregnant after my latest FET. :)

Hanbee33 in reply to lucyyyyy

That’s great news congratulations x x

Sorry to hear that you have been left in limbo land! Did they even suggest checking your hCG levels or could you ask them to? You'll probably need 2 done 48hrs apart.xx

Hanbee33 in reply to Cinderella5

No she didn’t mention anything about bloods and didn’t think to ask at the time. She did say if did another pregnancy test would probably still show positive so not to bother. I wasn’t able to get in touch with them today but am going to try tomorrow. Thank you x x

Cinderella5 in reply to Hanbee33

If they agree to do 2 bloods then at least they can see if its rising in the correct manor or falling I guess if its bad news. Good luck.xx

This happened to me at exactly 6w5d, except I was told that it was a miscarriage and I needed to schedule a D&C. I was devastated and put them off for a couple of days to process. I went in for the D&C at 7w2d and was already put under when they did another ultrasound and found a perfectly normal baby with a heartbeat. She’s four now. The only explanation I got was that I have a fibroid and a retroverted uterus. Wishing you luck at your next scan!!

Hanbee33 in reply to Kikiwaits

Ah thank you that gives me so much hope and has made my day to hear. Thank you x x

Sometimes if too early it’s not in the sac or something I had same went back a week later and there was the baby

Hanbee33 in reply to Becs1980

Thanks that’s great news. Hope everything going ok for you. Thank you feeling much more positive now x x

How are you Hanbee33? Did you get your second scan?

Hanbee33 in reply to Stephkp0

Thanks for asking Stephkp0. Unfortunately 3 days before the scan started to feel unwell and ended up in A&E and turned out I had an ectopic pregnancy and had ruptured my Fallopian tube. Everyone was great at the hospital and feeling much better now. Hope everything ok with you x x

Stephkp0 in reply to Hanbee33

Oh I’m so sorry to hear that Hanbee33 💔

lucyyyyy in reply to Hanbee33

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I know how hard it can be. Glad you're feeling better now. Did they remove you're Fallopian tube?

Take care of yourself!! xx

Hanbee33 in reply to lucyyyyy

Thanks. Yes unfortunately they had to remove the tube. Don’t really know too much about it and whether it will cause anymore problems x x

lucyyyyy in reply to Hanbee33

If the fallopian tubes don't work properly they can do more harm then good! I learn that the hard way. Both of my tubes were removed but only after my 3rd ectopic. After that my embryos implanted in the right spot!

In the IVF world we don't need the fallopian tubes! Good luck next time!

Scarlett13 in reply to Hanbee33

So sorry to hear that xxxx

This is so difficult for you . It’s true that sometimes seeing an embryo behind the fibroids is difficult at 6 weeks . Wait and watch .

Sending u all d wishes

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