So I am currently on a TTC sabbatical after years off BC OC, monitoring CD, O, CM and LOL BD with DH. Impatiently waiting out the 2WW LP to POAS with OTC FMU on a FRE HPT hoping for a BFP to be PG PMS free with a EDD but no MS.

We have tried OPK, PIO, FSH and HCG, had a HSG and numerous US, analysed CP and SA, EW, IUI, AI and seen a NP and RE.

Still no BFP, DS or DD just many BFN and AFโ€™s. Trying to up my BMI for ART IVF following INF LAP for ENDO. Hope this made you LOL.


PS Just found out about HEPA must investigate!

PSS Yes I have far too much TOMH but this has been SF and has MMFB and MMSAGAPTTOTBAM.

PPSS OK I made the last four up!

Key to TTC Acronyms: See link below. This really is GOOH!

HEPA = Hamster Egg Penetration Assay is a real thing!

Key to my Acronyms:

MM2B = Mindful Muma-to-be

SF = Super fun.

MMFB = Made me feel better.

MMSAGAPTTOTBAM = Made me smile and giggle and pass the time on this beautiful April morning.

GOOH = Getting out of hand!

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  • Did you sneeze while typing?

    Or is it a bowl of acronym soup?

    Keep blogging, MMSAGAPTTOTBAM2



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