Little man update

Little man update

To my lovely online friends who helped me so much during my almost 6 years ttc

When we eventually got our little miracle he was very nearly snatched away from us when he was struck with meningitis. We had no idea of the disability this would cause when the virus reached his tiny brain, and have walked on eggshells for the last 8 weeks.

He had his follow up care meeting this afternoon and thankfully to this point the outlook is good, he's managing to roll, coo, smile, all the things babies should. We won't know until his school years if he will suffer delayed development, or issues with fine motor skills. Personally I'm receiving counseling for post traumatic stress, which I hope with eventually lead to some closure.

There's a couple of reasons I'm posting this

Firstly, I wanted to share my perfect little guy with you. Who at 3 weeks old fought for his life and made me so proud. Secondly, its a dreadful enveloping evil disease that strikes so fast, (when) πŸ™you all get your miracles, be vigilant. It was always something that happens to someone else.

Lastly, don't get hung up about numbers and statistics. When we were ttc it was all percentages and motility etc etc. Charlie beat the odds twice, he was conceived against the odds and survived against the odds. Sometimes we need to just have some faith, Mother's Day is coming up and I know lots of you will be at your lowest ebb, but maybe it's 1 more day closer to your BFP.

Thanks for reading ❀️

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  • What a gorgeous little guy! must be so proud! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story xxx

  • Thank you 😊 xxx

  • He is so perfect πŸ˜™ am so proud of u uv really been through the mill with ur little man beein so ill and yet here u are still trying to give us all hope..your 1 very amazing lady ❀ so happy ur little guy is doing so well and beat the odds hes a sure sign that miracles really do happen πŸ’•πŸ˜†

  • How are you getting on emz? ❀️

  • Am doing ok thanks babez..fingers crossed i will start my nxt fet soon xxx

  • Aww made me cry such a lovely post, you have been through so much and hopefully now you can enjoy being his Mummy, he's beautiful πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • I just re read it and made myself cry lol. Thank you button. ❀️

  • Ha ha xx

  • ❀️ Your post! He's lovely 😊 x

  • Aww he is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing xx

  • Oh my! For so many reasons with your post! Firstly Charlie is a picture of perfection, he is gorgeous 😍 And what a journey you've all had and I cannot even imagine how you all must have been feeling and raising awareness on meningitis is brilliant and something we all need to be aware of. I really hope Charlie had no long last issues and want to wish you and your family all the best for your future. Thanks for this post xxx

  • Hi misswinky34 thank your for sharing with us, your bundle of joy is adorable. My heart goes out to you and the ordeal you've been through, Meningitis is a terribly nasty disease, Im delighted ye beat the battle. Your post is very inspiring and you are a very thoughtful person for sharing this with us. Thank you so much. Wishing you all the best :) Give him a cuddle for me xxx

  • Oh my goodness! I saw this picture & he melted my heart....I then read your message & welled up!😍 What a gorgeous wee boy you have there & what a hell of a time you guys have had!! He's doing amazing after what he's been through, and you are too!! I'm wishing you all the luck in the world and happy mothers day when it comes!!xx

  • That is amazing news xx

  • What a gorgeous little fighter! Congratulations x

  • Thanks so much for sharing. What a beautiful boy xxx

  • Congratulations his a cutie,

    Blimey you have been through it all, glad the little man is on the mend and you are too, take care thanks for sharing xx

  • He is perfect!

    Super to see a picture of the love of your life 🐻 Hope that now he is out of harm's way, you can enjoy your precious time with him.

    Thanks for posting this, it was very moving to read xx

  • Gorgeous boy! πŸ’™ Courageous mum! ❀️ Lovely post X and I will make sure I am vigilant! Getting that BFP is just the beginning but a tough journey getting to that BFP will make us stronger mums.. Everyone will get to being a mummy one way or another.. One day πŸ’™β€οΈ

  • Well said bump wanted xx

  • Shed a wee tear at this. Treasure your wee miracle, such a little fighter - and what a gorgeous boy 😍 Xx

  • He's adorable...worth the blood, sweat and tears...he's proved he's a fighter!!


  • Thanks for sharing. Always helpful to hear stories of hope against all the odds. Gorgeous wee guy you've got there! xx

  • Hi misswinky34. What a handsome little chappie! I can see why his bib is appropriate. Enjoy him while he is young as they all too soon grow up. To think that he beat meningitis too! Enjoy your day on the 26th. Diane

  • Just gorgeous xxx

  • Ahhh what a lovely post! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous picture with us he is perfect 😍 I can't even imagine how you felt when he was fighting meningitis, you are one tough cookie to get through that after ttc for so long xxxxx

  • Hello misswinky, I found your beautiful, touching post while doing some 'middle of the night feed' reading about life after bacterial meningitis - my little boy was struck with meningitis at 19 days old and like your little Charlie has fought for his life and defied the odds to make it through and begin to grow and thrive again. He is now 10 weeks old and we are at home, his first follow up paediatrician appointment was positive, but he needs a hearing test asap, the results of which could of course be the beginning of finding out just how much meningitis will continue to touch our lives going forward.

    Anyway I just felt compelled to say hello as our boys appear to have been through similar experiences at similar times of life and so I know first hand just how devastating this fight can feel and wanted to let you know that you're not alone!

    Lots of love to you and Charlie, he is just perfect. Xxx

  • Hi, when you have your hearing test, make sure your munchkins been fed, or it will take hours.. I am

    Breastfeeding Charlie, and I tried to plan his food around it so he was nice and settled and ready for the test. But they ran over an hour And he needed feeding, so they couldn't do it Until he had fed, as the sucking interferes with the test. It took almost 3 hours for our test.. and I was miffed because when they stuck all the electrodes on Charlie's head it tore his hair out when they removed them. It was only the baby hair that eventually falls out but it still hurt him none the less. Grr.

    Have you popped over to meningitis now? On this site? There's maybe 3 or 4 other mums who have babies our age, going through the same thing.

    That's marvellous your littleness one is doing well πŸ’ͺ

    What strain of BM did he have? Was he on iV infusions? Charlie just had his first set of immunisations (obviously late due to being treated in hospital. He didn't react very well to the live rotovirus vaccine, which Causes massive stomach upset. The paed told me at follow up they should have waited a month after the anti biotic treatment to have his immunisations as it's quite brutal on their tummies after long term anti biotics. Just incase you haven't had them yet, i might be something you discuss with the health visitor.

    Anyway, high five βœ‹ for our little fighters! 😊 And well done to you for surviving the ordeal too.


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