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Periods, but not ovulating? Cant get free treatment?

Iv got loads to say and loads to ask me and my other half have been trying for just over two years but last year silly mistake but had the depo injection back early in march my periods then come back with noresterone after seeing a gyno with pains etc so since September I have been having normal regular periods and doctors which was great carried on with tests had the normal day1/2 test and 21 but come back as not ovulating my partner had his tests results back as 3% normal sperm and normal results are 4% so he had to repeat which came back as 1% this time so doctor has put referral forward had the normal tests chlymadia etc also we have a daughter together but cant seem to get pregnant this time, what happens next at infertility clinic etc?

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Hi, basically, when you get your referral, you will have a bunch more tests and repeat the test you've had. They will then come up with a diagnosis and from there a course of treatment will be planned. I don't know if you can get support where you live, it is a real postcode lottery. THere is a fertility funding map on the INUK site that you may wish to look at.

So sorry that you are having difficulty this time around. You were right to go to get help, ignore anyone who says it worked before so just give it time, whilst trying to be helpful and supportive, you've taken the right path of trying to get this sorted.

Good luck

FG x


Hi Chloesmummy. As already suggested, you will most probably have further testing done e.g. checking your Fallopian tubes. Once a diagnosis is made, it could be that you might just need treatment with a drug called “Clomid” to get you ovulating regularly again – I don’t know. However, same areas are now offering a cycle of infertility treatment, even if you do have one child, so it’s best to check. Go to our website infertilitynetworkuk.com and look at the “NHS Funding” page. There is an interactive map to “hover” over. Once you’ve found your area, click on it and the criteria for your area will come up. Should you need treatment and you are refused, then it is always an idea to appeal against the decision. On the same page as the map, down at the bottom, there are some template letters to fill in and send to your local PCT (Primary Care Trust). Always worth a go. Also try giving your husband/partner some multi-vitamins with added zinc and selenium. This might help with his semen analysis, which needs to be checked again 2 months after the first once. Should his sperm count etc remain low, then you may be able to get a much reduced fee for treatment, if you were to offer yourself as an egg donor – providing your ovulation is corrected. Good luck with the referral. Regards Diane.


Hi - dont worry there will be an answer - I hadnt had periods for five years IVF didnt work and couldnt stimulate any eggs - I tried Chinese Herbal Medicine and 2 months later I was pregnant !!! Worth a TRY - get contact details and other treatment options including IVF from my website www. infertility help today . com www.infertilityhelptoday Good Luck !!! ps my husband ate lots of celery, as advised and it improved his sperm count !!!!


Hi, we have been TTC for just over 2 years also and since being off the pill I have had regular (ish) periods but was not ovulating. I was referred to a gynaecologist and they did a whole host of blood tests, and also ultrasounds and internal scans/ X-rays of my uterus and ovaries- all normal!! Last year I was put on Clomid to make me ovulate- which it did, though I'm still not pregnant and have again been put on clomid for next 3 months along with metformin. So there are a few things/ drugs they can try with you before the invasive stuff like assisted conception- very best of luck to you!! x


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