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Where to go for third donor egg cycle?

Hi everyone

I've had 4 ICSI cycles, 1st 2 with my own eggs but due to many abnormalities found in PGD, it was decided that my eggs have probably aged prematurely (I'm 38). So we moved over to donor eggs but stayed with same clinic in UK as they have a good reputation for donor cycles and had no waiting list when we started last year. We've had 2 donor cycles with them - the 1st resulted in the cycle being cancelled due to the donor's poor response and the latest one ended in a biochemical pregnancy. We had both the viable embryos transferred so there are none frozen and we have to start again. It would be easy to stay with the same clinic as they are local to my husbands job, we know everyone and how they work - but.....

the Acupuncturist I've been seeing for the last 3 cycles, who specialises in treatment during IVF, is adamant that I should go outside the UK, for a younger donor. But I don't know where to start! Hubby is not keen on going outside the UK for lots of reasons so I have to do a lot of research before we want to get started in the summer. This may be our last cycle so I have to do everything I can. I'm prepared to look anywhere in the UK and Europe.....

Can anyone help me or point in the direction of someone / somewhere that can?!!

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hi Treacle - ther eare some wider conversations about this on the INUK forums, I was in a very similar position to you last year about international v uk treatment. One good source of information I found was by speaking with my clinic - they must have patients who go overseas, so are they partnered with any specific clinics, and with whom and why. Each country has different rules and procedures, so there might need to be some research and for you and your DH to work out what you want to acheive.

If you do go overseas, you will need some scans at a UK clinic, so either your clinic will provide these, if they are happy to partner with an internation clinic (because of HFEA rules they need to be happy with the clinic you choose), or finding a different clinic to do these scans for you/provide your drugs and do the liaison with your international clinic.

Also, have you tried the donor conception network? They might be able to help as well.


Forgot to say, a good international clinic will set up some sort of skype covnersation where you can have early conversations with them (if you aren't able to go out for that early visit), as you know, you need to be comfortable with the clinic that will be supporting you.


Hi Flowergirl,

Really nice of you to get back to me so quickly, thank you!

I'm with one of the UK's biggest clinics, they have a number of centres across the UK - I get the impression they won't be that receptive to me going abroad, they've not said as much but I know they think that they're the best at it and so no logical reason why I'd go elsewhere. I have a review with them next month so will bring it up and see what reaction I get!

I was on Donor Conception Networks website yesterday - its really useful in lots of ways but they don't recommend or advise on where to go / not to go, they just give some general guidance and point you to the HFEA website which of course only really deals with UK clinics and explains the pros and cons of going abroad.

Fertility Friends has some useful info on it and I'm going to take some time out to explore it all further, but again, there are so many clinics being talked about on there, its a mind-blower to be honest!

Thanks again for your help, hopefully when work and life in general allows, I can get more proactive and start a blog on my research and way forwards!

Love Treacle



Hi Treacle. Well, you’ve certainly been through loads of treatment and heartache to try for a baby. All I need to add is that if you do decide to go abroad for donor treatment, remember that there can be extra costs. These can be simply employing an interpreter, or even a solicitor. Not all clinics abroad check their donors for all diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV, so best to check this out too. I cannot recommend where to go, as that would be seen as advertising, but if you were to register with infertilitynetworkuk.com you would be able to gain access to others in similar situations, and who have successfully been down the overseas donor route. Always good to speak to “one who knows”. I do wish you both well with this Treacle and for an eventual successful outcome. Regards Diane


Hi treacle - firstly sorry to read ur story. It's a bit similar to mine. I am 37, have severe endometriosis, 1 tube, AMH of 0.07 and DH has a chromosome issue and low sperm count. we were told in june 2012 that we had less than 5% chance of conceiving via ivf using us both. our dr said the best chance for a family was using an egg donor. we were totally devastated. after lots of soul searching, crying and why me/us, we decided on using an egg donor and DH's sperm using ICSI and PGD testing for the chromosome problem. It took a while for me to accept I wouldn't be a genetic mother. but after a while you start to accept it and become to realise that being a genetic parent becomes less important in the bigger picture.

So after a month or so we started the rollercoaster ride of an egg donor recipient cycle. Our London clinic works with a clinic in the USA. we went to the USA as we could choose our anonymous donor and they were also more equipped to deal with our PGD chromosome issue. We chose our donor from a database. the amount of information available on her was incredible. I believe reading about her life, hobbies, family - and even hearing what she sounded like - really helped me bond with her and accepting her into our lives. Our donor is 27. we chose her as shes a high egg producer and generally has good quality eggs - but as u know, this is never guaranteed in a cycle.

Our first cycle was September 2012 and also resulted in a biochemical pregnancy. But I'm writing to u now after doing the second cycle in January 2013 and am 11 weeks pregnant! I'm happy to discuss my cycle with u further. Just let me know and I'll give u my email address.

Don't give up hope and keep on believing it will happen!

Best of luck



Hi ladies. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Diane, great advice and lots for me to keep busy with, thank you!

Moakeset - I'm really interested in your story and would love to hear more. My email is bridge2jones@hotmail.com - could u email me so I have yours please? Congratulations on your pregnancy, you must be over the moon, especially after all the hurdles!!

Look forward to hearing from u if that's ok

Treacle x


Hi treacle - sure - very happy to share my story with you. I'll email u now. Thanks for your good wishes. I'm still in shock to be honest and feel very lucky indeed! xx


hi, we went internationally two times, and we got our bfp in Ukrainian Biotexcom. the first attempt in Greece failed, unfortunately. it was surrogacy+egg donation. they assisted in choosing a donor and provided us with large donor base. we even could see small videos of donor presenting themselves. it helped us choosing. in any case, your doctor takes the final decision based on blood compatibility. good luck. feel free to contact me if any questions

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