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22 years old - Should I get help? (Well timed sex, charting for over a year)

I am 22, healthy (as far as I know) and my partner is the same. We have been trying to conceive for over a year. I came off birth control (implanon) in October 2011 but properly started TTC in January 2012. I know it can take up to 2 years to conceive but I have recently read up on infertility problems and saw that previous abdominal surgery can affect fertility. I have had 2 major surgeries he latter of which was September 2011 to remove scar adhesions. I have spoken to the doctor last year but they were very judgemental due to my age and told me to go away and try again.

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Hi Treasured, given the length of time, I would go back and ask for some initial tests, and that you are seeking to get a referral if things don't resolve. Because of your age, they may be resistant to refer until you've been trying for 2 years (my gp was initially), but after initial test results, decided to refer us anyway as she new there was a waiting list to see the hospital anyway. During year 1 and 2 of trying, I therefore had lots of tests, both though my gp and at the hospital. They were still wanting to wait further until I got treatment (it's 3 years where I live before you get funded treatment for unexplained infertility), so I ended up going private for the first round of IVF.

After a year, if you are concerned, I would say to approach your gp, and see what they think.


Hi Treasured

I completely agree with Flowergirl - it can take a long time to get through all of the tests open to you so I'd try to get the ball rolling soon. From my first blood test to my last investigative procedure and final diagnosis, it took 14 months - and I was already in my mid 30's!

It may also be that early tests can identify a problem thats relatively easy to resolve so starting the process sooner rather than later could ultimately get you on the right path.

Good luck and keep in touch!




Hi Treasured. Good replies “above”. Just a couple of things to add. In view of your past history having had abdominal surgery, it might be an idea to see your GP and remind him/her of this. Yes, you can suffer with adhesions that can interfere with your Fallopian tubes, although this is not common. However, your GP might be willing to organise an HSG (tubal check), or refer you for this if he/she can’t “order” it. Your GP could also check your hormone levels and your ovulation – both blood tests, just to ensure all is well, and give you both peace of mind. Assuming that all is well with you both, then try not to concentrate too much to have intercourse around ovulation time. This can all become rather “mechanical” and even boring. Just make sure you have regular intercourse – every 3 days or more often if you want. By doing this, you will ensure that your tubes (providing they are OK), have live sperm in them waiting for that egg. The sperm will live for up to 4 days, maybe even longer, and just keep replacing themselves (providing they are OK too). This just lessens the stress around it all, and makes the love making more pleasurable. Remember that you do have age on your side, although you won’t want reminding, and should there be a problem, hopefully all will e sorted. Regards Diane


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