hi everyone, i'm 25yrs old iv been wif my partner for over a year now and we are wanting to do ivf

hi everyone, i'm 25yrs old iv been wif my partner for over a year now and we are wanting to do ivf i'm unable to have kids as i have hhad both my foloipian tubes taken out so i get it free off the nhs but i need to no if your still able to get it free off the nhs as my partner has a crimanal record and has 2 children from hes previous relationship... please someone give me info... hope 2 here from yous soon... muched luvd

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  • Hi There

    Im very sorry to hear of your situation, if your partner has had children you do not qualify for free IVF-ICSI this was one of the first questions the fertility unit asks. Although you can appeal depending on your circumstances its better to ask your local GP as they can fight your corner.

    Also the Nhs do a background check on each individual with consent from yourself to do so.

    As far as I know they only want to know if you have a history of violence to children , or history of violence, so it may depend on what the criminal record was for, I would check with your GP again , just to see if you can have paid IVF. Just so you know if you cant get free IVF at least you could work up to paying for it.

  • thanks x

  • I wasn't aware of the background check, but it was a while since I received NHS funded fertility treatment.

    The decision for whether you qualify depends on where you live.

    There may be an issue with the fact your partner has children from a previous relationship, but because your fertility is very much explained, they may take this into account, and it would be definitely worth an appeal if they so no, as there is no way you can become pregnant without support.

    There is some further advice on the Infertility Network UK website including draft letters which you can send.

    But the first step is to go and see you GP and explain the situation to them and take if from there.

    Good luck

    FG x

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  • We recently filled out paperwork out and it said if we either had kids don't fill the form in because they won't help: but every area has it's own rules.

    We also had to confirm we hadn't got criminal records - if we did they would need to go before the panel and would be refused if we had any history of violence (e.g. ABH, GBH) regardless of the circumstances.

    Try to be positive tho honey - you are young and if it is declined you can save up for a few years to pay for it. I know it doesn't seem fair, but life rarely is. Good luck x

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  • Hi! I have had an IVF when i was 26 so no fears!

    Good luck

  • Hi I'm 26 and about to start ivf. I've got my first consultation next week does anyone know how long after I will have to wait on the egg share sceme. X

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