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why me

as i logged into facebook today i found this site. finaily people who understad me. I know everyone around me claims to care and the say they understand. but honestly i feel like they just dont have a clue. I just feel like they realy have no clue how im feeling even though they say they do, my reason for this is they all have children i dont. And the only people that understand how bad you want a baby is somone that is going thru the same thing . so realy they just dont know how we feel. I ask my self time and time again why why was i born this way. why me. its makeing me very sour and i would love to meet othr people that have the same problem as me.. I feel all alone and i hate it.. it sucks to be 33 have been married 8 years and we have no children. I want a baby so bad. it hurts..

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Hiya Amym,

Welcome to infertility network on health unlocked. It is great you have discovered this site, I would also really recommend you look at the infertility network uk website, there are loads of forums on there, with lots of us girls in similar positions sharing our experiences, feelings, knowledge etc. There are also support lines and web chats on a Monday evening which are fab for communicating with others going through this journey.

I totally agree, infertility is extremely lonely and isolating, you can feel so alone at times, and in my experience, your friends can never quite give you the support you need, that used to make me really cross towards them as I felt so let down by them. I still do at times but I now get so much support from here that their lack of support doesn't hurt me so much.

I really hope you benefit from this charity and feel free to ask on here, or the forums on the INUK website if you have any questions, I'm sure someone out there will know the answer!

R x

I really hope you



I also know how you feel.

It is hard to be in our position, I have been trying for 6 years and my options are running out.

I think it is hard for anyone who has not been through this to understand, dont be too hard on them.

It is normal to ask yourself why.... I find myself doing it every single month.

I have stopped discussing it with friends and family because it upsets me too much when they seem so blazae about it. I have a rock of a husband who helps me through, but even then I have moments of dispair.

I hope you have the same support, as Ruth81 is right, infertility is a lonley place, just remember a small chance and persistance is all you need for hope.

Lets reward ourselves, we are persistant and strong women, for non of my friends would try for anthying this long. Were good people who bad things have happened to, and 33 is no age, you have time.

I wish you all the best and my sincere hopes that you will get your dream, the hope that we all do.

Take care

Sazzle :)


i have arrived into my 9th year of no children and to be honest its been 9 years of hell, that no one understands!!! its soooooooo frustrating and painful. but im starting to come out of the other side with acceptance, yes it hurts , it always will, and i have to accept that, but dealing with it is becoming easier. Christmas, mothers day and all other anniversarys i deal with as they come around they never get easier :( . so i completely understand every word you are saying and how u feel. my thoughts and hugs are with you x



I feel the same as well. you are not alone.

The best thing is to stay away from people who will never understand your feelings.

Take care




I too feel the exactly the same and im so pleased to have found this website as everyone on here understands what we are going through. Ive got to the point where i just dont discuss my problems with anyone except my partner and parents, as my friends just dont understand any of it and to be frank can be extremely insensitive towards my feelings, especially my work colleagues. Good luck to everyone on here and STAY STRONG!!! xx


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