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First time IVF starts in the new-year!

I have returned home after my appointment from assisted conception with mixed feelings. Mainly I feel confused... The Dr did not seem to have read my notes and was unclear about what would happen in the ivf cycle and how successful it would be. I got very upset as

in my PCT they allow only 1 funded ivf round... which is disgusting considering a neighboring town is entitled to 2 and NICE guidelines say all couples across the uk should be offered 3.

This is it for us as with me being a student we cant afford to self fund, so we are relying on the procedure going well and being able to have embryos frozen..

Has anyone had success first time ivf?

I start in January 2013 so a positive start to the newyear.

If anyone has any advise I would be grateful to hear it..

A Hopeful Saz :)

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i live in chingford,am 36 and my doctor tells me i may be in the first stages of the change,i have been pregnant but have miscarried each time.i am now so desperate to have a child before it is to late for me.can you tell me can i get funding,what options are there.this is causing unbearable grief,please can you help and advise me.sincerely linzy



Have you considered a change of diet? You can obviously successfully fall pregnant. I have found with one of my clients that, just because she is missing certain nutrients in her diet, she couldn't fall pregnant in the first place. It may be that you're missing something and that's why you're miscarrying.



you need to check with your local PCT (which i am guessing is in Essex if you live in chingford? or a london one) they determine the funding policies for your local area. Just google 'my local PCT' ring them and ask to speak to someone about IVF funding. Best Wishes


Hi Saz, unfortunately your experience is not unusual. Even with very expensive private clinics the Drs usually don't appear to have thoroughly read the patient notes before the appointment and spend as much, or more, of the appointment looking through them as they do listening and talking. I have been to two of the most expensive clinics in London and this has been my experience, and also that they don't necessarily monitor the cycles as closely as they could (I have developed OHSS both times despite flagging the risk the 2nd time and trying to question my drug regime throughout the stimulation phase). My personal experience has not been good - no success after 5 cycles (2 fresh, 3 frozen).

However... the good news is that I know 4 people who have had success first time.

So it does happen!

I wish you the very best of luck.

Also, the best book I have read is "The Complete Guide To Ivf: An inside view of fertility clinics and treatment" by Kate Brian, who is a British journalist who went through IVF herself.


MJ. xx


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