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Trying with IVF for the first time

Hello everybody. I hope you are fine.

I have had fertility problems for a long time. This has sparked great discussions with my husband. Since he did not want to know anything about the subject. Nor did she accept that we had a fertility problem.

Thanks to all your advices. We were able to solve our problems, and attended a fertility clinic. Which has been wonderful with us.

After several tests. The doctors came to the conclusion that we can opt for IVF treatment.

We have not even begun treatment as such. We have only taken the corresponding exams.

I've been reading a lot about IVF. But I still have a thousand doubts.

Someone has become pregnant or is trying to do so using IVF ?

It is a very expensive treatment. So we are a bit limited as to the attempts we will make with this treatment.

Any advice would be very helpful.

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Hello Friend. I do not know much about that treatment. But I wish you the best and I hope you get pregnant.


You're very kind. Thank you very much for your wishes.


You're welcome. I wish you the best. It will be a pleasure to read you again.


Wishing you all the best on your journey.

Are you not entitled to funding on the NHS?

It can be pretty expensive, I'd look into clinics on line,

Or ask people to private message you with clinics they recommend if you advise where you are,

I'm sure if you have lots of doubts your get lots of answers on here, amazing group and very helpful, and when you find the right clinic they will also help you,once again good luck with your journey 🍀🍀 xx


I do not know much about using NHS. Could you tell me a bit about that? , or if you have any information that you can give me, please.


Are you in England and register at doctors surgery here as that is the NHS service it's only available here


Yes, I have all those things


Go see your your gp? And advise them your trying for a baby and they will advise if your entitled to funding on the NHS,


Yes. Thanks for the information. I will take in count it


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