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Second baby IVF (third time)


Struggling today as this is our third time for IVF, I already have a baby girl through second time IVF (we only got one egg at collection so she is a miracle,) so am blessed but feeling anxious, and scared about starting IVF again, anyone else trying for baby number 2 via IVF? Start injections next week 😬 I thought I would be used to this rollercoaster as a veteran but it feels very lonely again...

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Congratulations on your little miracle 💐.

It's totally understandable to feel the way you do. I suppose it's the reality of it all. And knowing the hard work it takes to get there.

You're not alone, always here if you need to chat or rant.

Wishing lots of luck for your next cycle. Xxx

Benit in reply to genten

Thanks for your message as I was so relieved to see it this morning, it's hard to ask for support when you already have one baba, I guess the journey is so physical and emotional and the word 'hope' is your life for that month. Am so grateful for support, am sorry to hear your story, will you be able to try again on NHS, I would suggest to wait a bit so you are mentally strong again, have a shiny positive day, almost the weekend x

genten in reply to Benit

Bless you. You deserve support! Just because you have a little one doesn't mean you're ok. Because you've been through it all you understand what the journey brings.

It sure is emotional, awful at times but having other people makes it better.

Thank you. Yes we have one more cycle on NHS and we will be trying ICSI this tome.

I don't feel ready this month that's for sure so I'll probably call in November if all is well.

You too💖xx

How wonderful you have an Ivf encouraging. All the best with No 2. Try not to be anxious. This is a safe place for you.

Benit in reply to Elynn

Hi Elynn, thank you for your kind message, it felt like a weight off my shoulders this morning, as there is not that many people you can really hat with about it, safe Place is like a wonderful support blanket right now as I feel super lonely and a bit emotional at everything!! Have a good day and thanks for cheering us up x

Hi Benit, I’m in the same boat as you and can relate. My fist and only baby was conceived after 3 unsuccessful IUI attempts and one bfn IVF. My son is effect of second fresh IVF and ‘lucky’ enough to have some few embryos in storage. We TTC for second baby and as you I was and I’m more and more petrified do this all again. In fact we have undergone last year FET, this was positive outcome but miscarried at 7wks:( since then tried once more and got BFN and now gearing up to third attempt of FET and I’m scared to bones and down as ever things won’t work. In addition between our first FET and now my husband got seriously ill he’s fine now but this is another worry to our life and we need to have energy to deal with his parts of health should all above was not enough to trouble us up to now...nonetheless we both want second baby as much as first one and hence we try again no matter what (my husband push and I wouldn’t like to do anything against his wish so had to wait patiently for his time to be ready). Just one thing here what surprised me the most having one baby (don’t take me wrong he’s our world now and we couldn’t go thorough all difficulties had recently without him, he’s our blessing) does not give me a rest in minds, i wont be in peace until things would happen for us second time, at least for now i feel this way. This is emotionally wrecking me but we both strong and positive things will happen it’s only matter of time i hope...

All the best to you hun💗

If you went through hoops to get baby 1, its only natural you will feel anxious going through it all again. We'll be in the same boat (hopefully) as my wife is 36 weeks through IVF and a donor, so if we want other kids ( and she very much does) we'll have to go through all of this again. I can't even think about it, just focusing on the birth and having a healthy baby.

Best of luck on your new cycle. x

Of course you feel anxious and of course you can ask for support, that's what we are all here for and there isn't any entrance criteria! Sending you big hugs and good luck xxx

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