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Embryo transfer

I was referred to Guys and at Thomas hospital.

I wasn't setisfied with one thing that when my embryo was transferred they told me to get up straight away where as my friend got her ivf done from Hammersmith hospital and after her transfer they told her not to get up for 25 minutes.

I think that was the case that my treatment failed.

i was told that i had the best embryo transfered ( blastocyst) also told that its 55% chance of me being pregnant. i dont know what to do.

Has anyone else had this experience?

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Hi, at my clinic after the embryo transfer , I got dressed, went to the loo, and then went straight home, with the car parked outside. There was also no mention of taking any time prior to getting up. They said that this is normal as there are forces in the womb that work against gravity, so even going to the loo is safe.

Really sorry that this round didn't work for you, perhaps next time you discuss this element with them and say that your preference is to stay for 30 mins.

For me, the biggest thing that I have found to be useful with dealing with IVF is to know that I have done all that I can to make it a success, and this feels something fairly easy to achieve if you want to take that element of doubt away.

FG x


Hi, my clinic said I could get up straight away or lie still for a while (but as its on a full bladder & the loo is away away I didn't lie for too long before getting up and ready to ...).

I was shocked when they said I could get up straight away & I asked the specialist nurse who said that the substances in the womb lining were sticky and so thats why they didnt worry too much.

I think that it's so difficult when IVF fails because you want to have something to pin the blame on (with me, I blamed the pain of the egg collection) but as the consultant said to me some people have bad pain and conceive - and the same can be said for standing up - some people stand up straight away and conceive.

I agree with the advice - just say you want to lie for 15 minutes afterwards and I'm sure (if the staff are as nice as my unit) they will be happy to let you do that.

Good luck - here is hoping that 2nd time is lucky for us both xx


Hi. Sorry to hear that your recent ET was unsuccessful. As previously mentioned, we always look for some excuse as to why a treatment cycle failed to work. Just remember that your embryo would have been nice and “snug” in your womb lining, so would have had a good chance of surviving. Unfortunately, we don’t always know why they fail to thrive, but it wouldn’t have been because you got up straight away after transfer. Your clinic would have your best interest at heart, and would only advise you correctly. However, if you feel you need to rest a while post transfer, then ask to stay for a little rest, I’m sure they will let you. All this will have been new to you, so hopefully you will have another attempt. I wish you both well for a successful outcome. Do have a look at our website for more information and to see how we can support you at this time. infertilitynetworkuk.com

Diane Arnold


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