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This is my second round of IVF with ICIS and yesterday I had embryo transfer. I was told the 3 day embryos looked good so they wanted to leave to day 5. I went yesterday and they said that they were not that great quality and therefore had two transferred - one being 3CC and I'm not sure about other. I have been up all night worrying and reading about this. Has anyone had anything similar or any success stories.

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Hi JessicaJames1. Sorry to hear that you have all this worry about your little embryos. Most clinics these days do try and grow your embryos to Day 5 blastocyst. However, some are slow growers, so rather than leave them too long, it’s best to transfer them back where they belong, inside you. It’s only in recent years that embryos have been “grown on”, they all used to be 3,4,6 or 8 cells in size, and we still managed many ongoing pregnancies. It will be a worrying time for you as you were obviously all geared up for a 5 day transfer. All is not lost, so be hopeful. Diane


Thank you. I spoke to embryologist this afternoon who said that they were left until day 5 as doing so well on day 3.

Apparently they transferred a 3CC and a morula with the hope of success.

I'm so unsure about it all but will have to wait and see until 16th - hears hoping.


Hi JessicaJames1. Well, that sounds more encouraging - Fingers crossed for the 16th. Diane


Hello this is exactly what happened to me on Monday. They left them until 5 days as they were doing so well on 3 day. When I got there they said they looked more like 4 day blasts when they should look like 5 days so transfered 2. How did you get on ? Did you have success ?



Well on 16th February I did a pregnancy test prepared for negative but got a strong positive. I was still in shock so for a few days later did pregnancy tests which all came back the same. I was unwell last weekend and concerned about pregnancy so went to Early Pregnancy Unit who showed me one 6 week 3 days baby with beating heart. I am completely made up - especially after 5 years of training and failed IVF/ICIS treatment (this was our last attempt). I know were not out of the woods but going well so far. I am seeing midwife tomorrow and going for clinic appointment next Friday for there scan. Fingers crossed all continues to go well.

I hope all goes well for you, just be normal and think normal positive thoughts. I shouldn't really speak but this last time I just wasn't convinced and prepared for negative and it was completely different experience which ended in positive outcome.

I have everything crossed for you - let me know how you get on.


Congrats hun .. all sounds amazing xx

I have totally convinced myself that ill b going again ! But it's so nice to hear a success story .. There are a few xxx keep your fingers crossed for me x will let u know test 12th x


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