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I saw my acupuncture lady today and we were talking about embryo transfer. I told her how I have always found anything going through my cervix very painful and I always get bad cramps. Hence why I opted for sedation for the endometrial scratch and didn't feel a thing. She was talking about how if the transfer goes well with less cramping it gives the embryo a better chance and she said I should speak to the clinic about having sedation for transfer. I kinda think this is overkill but then at the same time it does make sense.What are people's thoughts on this?

Thanks lucy

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  • I had sedation for transfer. You need to be aware that it may mean your partner can't be in the room for the transfer.

  • I feel silly asking but I genuinely find it so painful when anything passes through the cervix 😞

  • I feel silly asking but I genuinely find it so painful when anything passes through the cervix 😞

  • I've never heard anything about it making ET more likely to work but for me, my cervix is 'pinhole' and at a very awkward angle so it is painful. I've started to get quite a 'thing' about having a speculum anywhere near my lady-bits and find it emotionally distressing so, although I can tolerate transfer with gas and air, I chose not to as I didn't want to remember it. I had cervical dilation whilst under general for my laparoscopy, so maybe it will be easier this time, but I'm still planning to be under sedation so I won't have to know if it isn't!

  • Morning Hun! I have ET under sedation, and only external scans, in fact whenever they need to go up there, they knock me out (smear tests included)! My acupuncturist also said about the cramping, and that's why they like you to have a session straight after transfer just to minimise any twitcheness. I think it's totally personal preference, for me I can't emotionally handle it because of various issues, but lots of women choose sedation. Your clinic won't judge you, so just do what's right for you xxx

  • Can't advise but I wish u luck xxx

  • Thanks for replies I spoke to the nurse at my clinic and she said they will do a dummy run when I have my egg collection tomorrow. Xx

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