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Adenomyosis, what are the chances of pregnancy, should I even try ivf?


Hi, I'm so confused ... I had a lap recently they removed 2 cysts and told me I have adenomyosis, in 2 areas at the sides of my womb. I ve not been offered any treatment or follow up for this, I don't think I can take hormone drugs as this would be against trying to conceive.. I don't think I have it bad enough to need surgery..

However, I've been trying to conceive for over a year (I know this probably isnt that long really... but I don't want to wait too long to make a decision on going for ivf or other options..I'm 32,

Anyone been in the same situation and has any advise , it would be very helpful,

Thanks x

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I'm 38 and have been trying to conceive for 5 years. I had a laparoscopy a couple of years ago and have endometriosis and a large fibroid that is meshed into a lot of the wall of the womb apparently. I'm myself thinking about whether to try IVF. In my case it involves going private as I'm not eligible on NHS because my husband has children (grown up, and live abroad - grrr!) Anyway, I'd decided to try to appeal, got nowhere, then decided against IVF and now back to thinking it might be worth a go again. I've been battling with whether it is a good idea to spend so much money on something that has so little chance of success and lots of chance of prolonging the sadness. It gets harder as you get older, because you feel there is so little time or possibility of getting pregnant. And the health problems get worse.

You're still really young and a year isn't long, but if IVF is available to you and you feel you are up to it emotionally and physically, go for it. Don't get into my situation and not have tried.

Good luck!


Hi tortoiseshell. Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with this condition. As you have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now, I wondered if it might be an idea to get a re referral to an infertility specialist with a view to possibly have a hysteroscopy (womb x-ray). This would then give you a “map” of your womb and whether IVF might be the way forward? It would also give the embryologist a better guide as to where to replace an embryo. During IVF, you would most likely start by “down regulating” with a drug called “Buserelin”. This in effect puts you into a temporary “menopause like” state, and “switches off” this extra growth and suppresses the oestrogen too – which feeds it. Your womb lining should then improve, if only temporarily to continue with the IVF. Hope this helps a little and doesn’t confuse you further. Kind regards Diane.

Thanks I meant to reply earlier , both so helpful, jalosu -i hope you get the chance to try ivf it sounds like that's what you want :-)

I wish the doctors could say what chance there would be .. I asked about hormone tests and was told bluntly : no

However that was a different gp to the one I have seen usually, so perhaps I can ask for more tests , perhaps a hysteroscopy, thank you Diane for your ever helpful information:-) !

I have looked into ivf a bit , I think I ovulate ok , my husband is having a test soon too, but I think if will be ok ,

It's just frustrating to be told what you have but no follow-up app as yet...

I will keep ringing to get some more info and tests,

Thank-you a lot :-) this website is so good, best of luck jalosu

my gyne suggested me do IVF too,but the treatment cost is expensive,i cant affordable and after shared my experience on facebook, i received many treatment suggestions ,and i came to treat by non-surgical treatment with TCM herbal medicine fuyan pill from 2016.12 . 21 to 2017.3.23, and after 4 month TCM treatment,i did a checkup in local hospital and found my conditions get a great improvement and my gyne told me i can prepare for pregnancy and now,i have become a month with new born son,i'm happily ,so maybe you can do more rearch before taking surgery.

Hi Tortoiseshell. I have just had a recent diagnosis of Adenomyosis and Fibroids (to add to my PCOS Endometriosis and Pelvic Congestion). I have been trying for 2 years and have been on oral fertility medication for about 8 months (I am 25 in case you was wondering). Before the consultant who diagnosed my Adenomyosis and Fibroids officially (via MRI), he did an internal examination and stated because of my symptoms and "bulky womb" he thought it was Adenomyosis and basically said my fertility medication won't work. However when I visited for my MRI results, he advised me to stay on the oral medication (prescribed by my fertility consultant) and keep trying however get a referral to the IVF clinic because there is a 6 month waiting list where I am. But with saying that he seemed hopeful and after I told my fertility consultant, he seemed to think that the oral medication should work (only on it for my lack of ovulation). Wishing you the best of luck! x

I am 40 have adenomyosis want baby through ivf, is it possible &what is risk in it

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