is it worth the hassle to change address to get access to free IVF treatment on NHS?

We are not qualified to IVF on NHS in my local area because my partner has a child from previous relationship, however, in another area where my partner lives some of the time, this option is available to us. Is it worthy to change the GP to get qualified? That means some juggling of work and travel for me, ect.

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  • I guess this depends on lots of things - (eg the state of your finances and could you afford to go private otherwise?) Moving would be a big deal, but free IVF could also be v useful. I'm guessing you've already checked out that you meet all the other criteria for IVF in the new areas? (Most areas have a list of conditions, including how long you and partner have been together, your age, and whether you are a healthy weight, etc). Good luck whatever you decide.

  • Hi Sunflowers. I agree with what Noper says regarding all the hassle of moving – costs etc. Remember that the NHS is now covered by CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Groups) and not the PCTs anymore. These are GP lead, so maybe best to see what your local CCG has to say. If you want to appeal against any decision made, then go to our website click on the “NHS Funding” page and scroll right down to the bottom, where you will find template letters to fill in and send to your CCG. Fingers crossed for you both with this. Regards Diane

  • Hi Diane and Noper, thanks for the guidance and suggestion. We are going to see the GP next week and find out more about the CCG decision making process. It is good to know IN is supportive of the appeal process. Will keep you posted. Many thanks :)

  • Hi Diane, thanks for your support. I couldn't find the template letter on the 'NHS funding' page. Can you send me the weblink? we are going to speak to a GP on Thursday. Just need to prepare a lot for the 20 minutes slot available for us.

  • Hi, I would have a look at the two offers, is the one that will fund for 3 full rounds, or just for one? The cost of treatment is around £5k per round all in (in my experience), so that's the costs that you are looking to be offset by the move, so do the cost of moving plus travel costs etc offset £5k?

  • Hi flower girl, I am struggling about the decision about changing address and how i can cope with working and all the other stresses that come with that, i don;t know. The idea to change address is just because my partner lives in another address 1/3 of the time but it is 2 hours travelling from where I live and work. we are just exploring all options before going privately if we have to. thanks.

  • Hi. Here you go:

    Just scroll right down the page and you will find all the template letters requesting funding and appeal letter etc. Regards Diane

  • Diane, you are a star! somehow I browsed the page and just stopped at the England, for some reasons, just did not scroll to the bottom for the letters template. Now i got it in preparation for a meeting with the GP. Many thanks for you wonderful support. X

  • I was confused after seeing the GP this evening. He said we are qualified for NHS funded IVF because my partner's child is over 16. This is conflicting with what other GP told us 14 months ago. This is really unhelpful. The Surrey PCTs guideline on IVF mentions it is not applicable if one of the partners has living children. Is it a matter of interpreting what counts as a child? I am really confused now.

  • Hi sunflowers. Glad you sorted out the letters. Regarding your GP’s comments about funding. Remember that the PCTs (Primary Care Trusts) are not handling the budget re NHS treatments now. This has been taken over by GP lead CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups), so this is probably why the criteria has changed for your area. That’s good news, and remember that your GP is your new “best friend”! Remember too about your husband’s sperm count, you need lots with good shapes and able to swim well for IUI. Kind regards Diane

  • Don't forget you need to have been registered with your GP for at least a year for them to cover your IVF in that area. Which might delay you quite a while, especially considering how long it would take to actually sort a move, plus all the expense with this.

    I don't think it would be worth the hassle and delays

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