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Fertility investigations denied in West Sussex on NHS? My partner has a children from a past relationship. What am I entitled to on the NHS?

My GP said nothing but a friend of a friend has had an HSG test ran on herself and she is in the same area as me and her partner has a child from a previous relationship. I do not want to pay for things that I should be entitled to on the NHS.

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I would ask your gp why you've not been given any tests - it could be because of the length of trying or something else?

Unfortunately, decisions on what support/treatment is available are now devolved to your local commissioning group, so if you haven't been referred for tests after a year+ of trying, you may want to appeal the decision. There is guidance on the Infertility Network UK site to help with this.

Good luck

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We have been trying for over a year. I was told the reason why was because of my partner having children. But why would my friend's friend who is in the same situation with her partner having children as well and live in the same city get the investigations free on the NHS and not me?


I was told I wasn't eligible for an HSG test.


My recommendation would be to look at appealing against this decision, take a look at the INUK website for materials to support this. However, the funding process changed in April, and things are even more down to postcode lottery now then ever before.

I have previously written to my mp about the postcode lottery as it makes me very cross.

So you are aware, my gp did semen and ovulation tests on us, after that I was referred to a consultant, and it was the hospital that commissioned the HSG for me (and a repeat of the hormone and semen tests).


In our area everyone gets referred to the hospital for fertility a consultation, and it's the hospital that acts on the local CCG rules (e.g what people are entitled to what). I think it might be an idea to speak to a different GP or the Practice Manager as a lot of GPs aren't actually that up to date on the policies and procedures.

Good luck!



we are in west sussex and my partner has children from another relationship and we have been told we are not entitled to anything. i have had some investigations due to pelvic pain (+subfertility) to diagnose endometriosis but my GP (in the past) has point blank refused to refer to me to the LEA GP who should be able to even prescribe clomid. (i have a luteal phase defect and they have never picked up any progesterone).

If anyone has any success in appealing or getting clomid from the NHS I would be very grateful.


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