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I'm 20, possibly infertile and have no idea where to turn?

I never started my periods naturally, so I started getting tested from when I was 15. I've had an ultrasound, chromosome tests etc. I have high FSH, low AMH and have been on HRT for around 2-3 years now. I've been told that I have a diminished ovarian reserve? Because I'm quite young, no one seems to have any advice for me, but It's really getting me down that I don't know if I'll be able to concieve. I'd really like to know about other people in the same situation and if they've concieved, or if they've been told any more than I have?

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So sorry to hear of your hormonal problems at such a young age. However, should you want to try and get pregnant and problems with your ovarian reserve should remain, then there is always the possibility of having a baby by using donor eggs. I realise that everyone would love to have their own genetic child, but this would be a wonderful way to achieve pregnancy, carry a baby, give birth and even breast feed. Perhaps there is an underlying problem you have that has caused this to happen to you, I don’t know, but the “above” option is there to be looked at when you are ready. I wish you well with the outcome.

Diane Arnold


Wow so sorry to hear about your problems. Can I ask do U suffer pcos/pcod. My daughter also 20 is going through this problem. She has pcod. But they have told her her hormone levels and all the rest levels are stopping her becomin pregnant. She did start her periods at 13. But they gradually became irregular then stopped completly. She has tried clomid but only the 50mg and this didn't work. Her blood test revealed she didn't ovulate althought the ovulation kit said she did. That was over a year ago. Since then nothing at all is going any where. Its tearing her apart. And me watchin her suffer. That's why I joined this site. I am already go on raynauds and heart failure site so give this a go hoping to find sum answers or get advice on wat she can do to get help. Again so sorry you are suffering I understand what U R going through. Hope with all my heart you manage to conceive huni. X fingers crossed.


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