Where and to buy melatonin from in the UK?

Hi ladies after reading 'it starts with the egg' I am looking to take melatonin along with my ivf meds in the coming weeks. I've been told that this isn't sold in the UK so I'm guessing ill have to go online which makes me quite uneasy. Has anyone done this already and can anyone recommend any good sites or tips to look out for.

Thanks in advance xxx

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  • I ended up getting mine online but I can't remember which site, I too got after reading the book, I'm on day 8 of my down reg injections and start my stims on 20thallbeing well. I started taking these pills on day 1 of my injections. Will post my results when I've got past egg collection, fertilisation etc x

  • Thanks Nyko, will you continue to take all the other supplements along side all your ivf meds too? The 20th will be here very soon wishing you all the best I have everything crossed that this is your time xxx

  • I have been so far but maybe I will ask them when I go on 20th if I should stop x

  • Melatonin is normally prescribed by GPS I was prescribed it as a child for night terrors xx

  • Thanks romaluna I don't think that the docs will prescribe me this so ill prob have to source online and hope for the best xxx

  • Worth an ask . But please be careful where you source it off the internet x

  • Thanks romaluna this is my worry xx

  • Hi, what's benefits of melatonin during ivf? Thanks

  • I read a book caled it starts with the egg by rebecca Fett she stuffed infertility and used her knowledge as a molecular biotechnology and biochemistry to research how to improve chances and one of the supplements she talks about is melatonin along side ivf as she talks about how studies show that this may improve egg quality. She talks about lots of other supplements and diet and everyday chemicals in products to help improve her chances of conceving naturally and by ivf. It's worth a read if your interested in this stuff xx

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