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So I struggled in my last cycle to stay positive, and as I am gearing up for our 3rd cycle, I'm still struggling to be positive.

As I progress along this journey, I believe the likelihood of a positive outcome are decreasing.

Whilst I know that I am doing all I can to make a treatment successful from a physical point of view – I’m being v good with my diet, will be taking lots of time off from work etc, and that will help with my mental attitude in knowing that I have done everything I can in that field, I would 1) like to be feeling a bit more positive about things and 2) I’ve been reading further how mental attitudes affect you physically. zitawest.com/blog/

So, my first step has been to re-contact my counsellor, who I haven’t seen for a while. I’m also looking (yet to purchase), a book/cd or something around this field from the INUK Amazon shop. If anyone has any specific techniques they use, or a product they recommend, I would be grateful to here from you.

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Dear Flowergirl,

there are a couple of good online free CBT programmes, not specificially diesgned for infertility, but ones which might be useful on a day to day basis as a helpful distraction:

Mood Gym: moodgym.anu.edu.au Information, quizzes, games and skills training to help prevent depression

Living Life to the Full: livinglifetothefull.com Free online life skills course for people feeling distressed and their carers. Helps you understand why you feel as you do and make changes in your thinking, activities, sleep and relationships.

For anyone seeking a specialist counsellor relating to fertility or infertility then do see the British Infertility Counselling Association website, bica.net

We've also added an 'ask a counsellor' forum to the Premium members Forum to add to the PAL, Helpliners & Linkliners available support.

It is really positive to see you prioritising care of your emotional self as well as your physical self.

I hope others share their coping strategies & techniqes soon.

Best wishes & good luck




the zita west cd is good, i find it helpful

i have not tried any other products but i do find that acupuncture is great for helping me to feel like i am doing something extra

good luck


Thanks for your thoughts. I'm back from two weeks hols and will take this forward...


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