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Lubion dosage

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Sorry for the double post but thought this might be better as a stand alone.

Please can you tell me what dose you’ve been on? My dr’s prescribed 2 a day alongside 2 Cyclogest (I’m usually just on 3 cyclogest).

I’d prefer 1 jab a day and 3 cyclogest so might just do that 🤐 xx

21 Replies
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Hi I have just one Lubion injection today as I couldn’t have the suppositories incase it flared my colitis.However after egg collection day I was told to take Lubion twice a day morning and night - it made me really bloated and uncomfortable. When I went in for transfer they told me I should only be having it once a day! X

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Solly-44 in reply to TurquoiseWater

Yeah it’s interesting, I did speak to them about wanting to take it my way - baring in mind we’ve not had my progesterone tested so might not need it at all! I took it once before and was really unwell that cycle. The dr said to drop down to 1 every other day and that it shouldn’t effect my levels because I was on so much anyway?! The advice seems so varied xx

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I’ve only ever been told one lubion with 2 cyclogest. This time I’m on prontogest (every second day) and 2 cyclogest .

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Solly-44 in reply to Rol81

Thanks love, yeah this seems a pretty common dose, I think I’m going to stick to 1 jab a day and see xx

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I’m about to start 2 cyclogest pessaries and one lubion injection. Same position not testing progesterone but I’ve had 3 failed in a row and a couple of bleeds before test day so something we are trying. I know the pessaries have to be 12 hours apart morning and night as that’s when they start to leave the system (so can’t be 2 at once or middle of the day etc.) but my clinic haven’t mentioned the same with the injection so I assumed once a day was fine 🤔

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Solly-44 in reply to Twiglet2

Ahh, are you doing a cycle now?? Very exciting!

I wonder if that means the lubion should be done in between the cyclogest. I’ve never done my own injections before so that’ll be an experience 😂 Yeah no testing means the lubion could be an unnecessary expense (bloody hell it’s expensive isn’t it?!) but when we had a scan the day before our last loss they said to up it based on the bleed. I’ve never bled before test day so I think it’s more peace of mind for me! Xx

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Twiglet2 in reply to Solly-44

Yeah doing a down reg FET with our last embryo ☺️just on the progynova the now and will start the pessaries and lubion later in the month but that’s how they explained it to me just some point in the day for lubion but I will double check before I start as you know me I might have it wrong 😂… aww you will be fine with the injections lovely 😊 you are one of the strongest ladies!!

I agree it’s an investment of £s when you might not need them but it was only £90 extra for the lubion for me and £120 for the tests so I went for the ‘why not’ approach, im also adding clexane this time so lots of injections for me (yay 🫣)

I have defo heard it helps a lot of ladies and I added in a 3rd pessary myself on my successful round (that I had left over from my chemical the month before) as hospital wouldn’t prescribe more than 2 and I will never know if it made a difference but it’s the only transfer that ever worked for me!

I have my fingers toes and eyes crossed for you 🤗⭐️ Xxx

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Rol81 in reply to Twiglet2

Hi x did you mean not to do 2 pessaries at the same time? That is what my clinic told me to do, both before bed, but now Im second guessing 😕

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Twiglet2 in reply to Rol81

I was told to do them 12 hours apart (or as close to that as possible), you can do 2 at once if you are on a double dose as long as next ones are 12 hours later is how my clinic do it but I know clinics can really vary on their approach to progesterone lovely so that’s not to say my clinics guidance is the right one/only one 🤗 xx

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Rol81 in reply to Twiglet2

I will double check with the clinic Monday incase I’m doing it wrong. I’ve just been doing the 2 before bed.x

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I've been on one lubion and two cyclogest per day for all of my transfers! I would do the cyclogest morning and night and lubion at night.

Two lubion a day without any testing to justify it seems... Pricey!

Wishing you so much luck xx

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I've only ever had 1 lubion and 2 cyclogest a day. I'd definitely get a test to see what's what. I think generally most doctors now feel you can't have too much progesterone.... buy lubion IS bloody pricey 😫 So I'd get tested and see how your body is processing it xx

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I’m the same! One lubion amd 2 cyclogest xxx

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I’m on 2x cyclogest a day and 1x lubion every other day.. I’ve never had my progesterone tested with either of my cycles though and on my last cycle 2 years ago I wasn’t even on lubion I had never heard of it! X

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I’m on 1 Lubion and 2 cyclogests a day. It helps me stop bleeding during this cycle. Having Lubion is great for me because I don’t need to worry about the amount of cyclogest absorption

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I was on 1 lubion and 3 utrogestan a day for my FET but then my transfer day levels were still low-ish (especially considering how much I was on) so the Dr said add another lubion a day. That was mega expensive and it still took forever for my levels to rise (I also suspect the Dr told me to add another just to make me go away and stop bothering him about progesterone!) but it was successful so it didn't do any harm and if I did another FET I guess I'd just do that again because I'd be worried to do anything differently. I went back to one a day quite soon anyway as my levels seemed to stabilise. I think it can really depend on the individual how much they need and in what form.

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Hi love,

I was on 3 cyclogest a day and 2x lubion 😵‍💫

It was a faff but it worked xx

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I started on 2 cyclogest and 1 lubion every second day. After ranting about low progesterone and how I wanted to throw everything at my last cycle on my transfer day to the consultant, I got told to up my lubion to every day then got a phone call to tell me twice a day. It was an absolute bugger but we got there....I had a bit of spotting and used a bit of utrogestan in between too but that was probably a bit

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I was on 2 x lubion and 1 cyclogest per day. I much preferred lubion to cyclogest - as I hate the discharge that comes with cyclogest which makes me paranoid about bleeding/wetness. I carried on with lubion and cyclogest until about 18 weeks I think, then gradually started reducing. I’ll be on cyclogest until the end (but now on 200mg not 400mg) xx

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Hi I was on lubion twice a day and utrogestan pessaries 3 times a day and Clexane once a day. After viability scan they dropped my lubion to once a day but said if I get any bleeding to go back to twice a day. I have nasty lumps and bruises all over my stomach and am still super bloated with just the one lubion it'd definitely the worst.

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I’ve been 2 a day plus 2 cyclogest…And currently 10 weeks… I do wonder if the Lubion helped x

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