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I don't want to test 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Test day tomorrow after top grade FET. First time I’ve got to test day without bleeding. I normally start spotting from day 8. On Lubion this time which I think will be the reason why I’ve not bled so doesn’t mean I’m pregnant. Is it strange that I just don’t want to know

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I was exactly the same my last FET. I went to the clinic for a blood test and they ask us to do a hpt first but I couldn’t bear to.

It was a positive result and I actually only got up the courage to test after my 8 weeks scan 🤦🏼‍♀️ And that was only because I’d never seen those 2 pink lines…

Good luck! Xx

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Littlepip1 in reply to Millbanks

I think I have actual pregnancy test PTSD 😂

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Millbanks in reply to Littlepip1

Yep!! 💯

You got it girl. Sending best wishes and a great beta

All the ❤️ for tomorrow babe

Good luck lovely ❤️🤞🏼 everything crossed for you xxx

Good luck for tomorrow. 🤞🏼❤️All crossed for you.

So we made it to the next level and I can’t actually believe my eyes 👀

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Awwww yay 🥳😍 that so amazing! Congratulations!

Wooooo hoooooo

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Eb20 in reply to Littlepip1

How amazing!!!! 🙂 Lovely to see this!! Me next 😆

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Littlepip1 in reply to Eb20

Sending you all the luck and love ❤️ 🍀


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JudithSS in reply to Littlepip1

Such wonderful news! Congratulations darling x

Congratulations x

Just the success story I needed to hear this morning congratulations 🥰🥰

That is amazing news!! Congratulations!! 🥰🧡 I know you will now feel nervous for scan day - I think that is very normal as it is so hard to believe! But I wish you all the best and hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!!

Exactly that and thank you so much. I’m going to try and enjoy this small success as much as possible

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Eb20 in reply to Littlepip1

Yes we had the same nerves for our scan - we did lots of private scans in between NHS ones just to reassure 😀

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Littlepip1 in reply to Eb20

When was your first private one?

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Eb20 in reply to Littlepip1

We had one at 7 weeks, and 11 weeks as we were going on holiday and our NHS one was 13 weeks.

We found it helpful x

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Eb20 in reply to Eb20

We also had one at 16 weeks as I was getting edgy! 🤣

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Littlepip1 in reply to Eb20

😂😂 I think this is going to be me

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Eb20 in reply to Littlepip1

Well if it helps - I just wanted to see her sometimes bobbing about in there. Xxx

Congratulations!! Wonderful news! Xxx

That's amazing! Congratulations!

Wishing you lots of luck!! I have my fet on Tuesday 😱🙈 xx

Congrats!!! X

Good luck Lucy! Got everything crossed for you and the little bean xx

Fantastic news! Enjoy every minute xx

That put a smile on my face this morning congratulations and although you will still worry you’ve got this far so make sure you enjoy it and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy 😀

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Littlepip1 in reply to Miaow1975

Thank you! Yes, the worry continues but right now I feel happy and I’m just going to go with each day. Today I am pregnant and that is a good thing!

Congratulations! 🥰🥰🥰 wonderful news and indeed go day by day, enjoy this amazing moment and such great lines as well confirming the positive! I hope everything will go well from here for you!

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Littlepip1 in reply to Riri88

I know - they came up almost immediately and I just still couldn’t believe it was happening!

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Riri88 in reply to Littlepip1

That is amazing 🥰 try to stay in this little happy bubble if you can! And hopefully you can get a scan soonish to confirm heartbeat maybe after 6 weeks! The wait will continue every step so enjoy this big positive 🥰

Great news. You did well to wait that long I can never get passed 6DP without testing x

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Littlepip1 in reply to Hallj10

😂 I’m the total opposite- in my head if I don’t test then I can’t not be pregnant.

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Hallj10 in reply to Littlepip1

Funny isn’t it the way our mind works. The only time it was horrific testing early was when it was negative. I have had one negative out of 4 but 3 miscarriages. I then convinced myself it would be positive each next day. Was torture.

Last try last embryo FET Friday x

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Littlepip1 in reply to Hallj10

Good luck with this one!

Definately go forth and enjoy 👍

I'm exactly the same, my test day tomorrow as well and after 4 cycles and never had a bfp i'm just not confident anymore. Good luck with your test 🤞xx

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Littlepip1 in reply to Gillian84

Thanks - have hope (I know that’s a cliche and doesn’t mean anything). I had never in my life seen a positive until this morning so it can 💯 happen

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Gillian84 in reply to Littlepip1

Awww that's brilliant. So happy for you 💓 xx

Awww this is great news! Congrats! I was exactly the same not wanting to test- I got so worked up I gave myself a panic attack doing the test and then again on the way to week 7 scan 😬 try, like you say to be positive and happy because worrying literally does no good and you deserve to feel this happiness! Iv had to tell myself this EVERY DAY! Congrats xxx

Congratulations! Hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Xxx

Big smiles at work after reading this 😀. Love to hear some good news on here. All the luck in the world for a healthy & happy pregnancy x x

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