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*SENSITIVE” Would a GP prescribe progesterone?

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Hi lovely ladies, I posted this morning and just took a digital test which confirmed I am pregnant! I had a missed miscarriage in June and now I am panicking. My first daughter was IVF and I had progesterone for a few months during early pregnancy.

Does anyone know if a GP would prescribe me progesterone given my medical history and age? I’m almost 39! I feel like without taking it I will loose this one again and I don’t know how I’ll manage going through it one more time 😔 Thanks for reading xx

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Yes, they prescribed me Cyclogest with no issues at all! Best of luck 😌

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Dreamama in reply to FrancyItaly

Thank you! That’s reassuring ❤️

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Dreamama in reply to Dreamama

GP said she can’t 😩 Do you know if there’s any way of getting without prescription but of course from a trusted source?

My GP wouldn’t do it either.can’t you get some from your clinic?

I don’t have a clinic as this was a natural pregnancy. I do however have embryos frozen so I emailed the clinic who has them and asked for a private consultation 🤞🏻

When i conceived naturally inbetween cycles my clinic were really helpful and gave me a proscription for everything I needed - same happened to my friend who got pregnant naturally after a failed transfer x

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FrancyItaly in reply to Dreamama

Sorry to hear, I consider myself lucky then! Sorry I don’t know where you can order it without a prescription.

yes they prescribe me lubion, crinone utrogestan, infact all of it

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Dreamama in reply to abby19888

I spoke the GP and she said she can’t and only a gynaecologist can 😩 I’m desperate and don’t know what to do! She was very sympathetic but said that this is why the guidelines says! Do you know if there’s a way of getting from a trusted source without prescription?

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abby19888 in reply to Dreamama

Insist on speaking to another Gp. when you are pregnant, you are entitled to free med under nhs. explain to them you dont need to be monitored, you are not stimulating rather its to support a pregnancy and you dont need a gynea to monitor you. I insisted and they gave in. Aside that, you can ask your clinic for private prescription and buy them from Asda

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Dreamama in reply to abby19888

GP suggested I’d go to early pregnancy clinic from my local hospital and ask.I’m trying a few other ways first but I might end up begging for them!

Hi, I bought mine at dokteronline.com they have an ivf section. The dr was super helpful and delivery fast.

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Dreamama in reply to Dollyfan

Thank you so much!! I just sent an enquiry. I hope they get back to me soon 🤞🏻

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Dreamama in reply to Dollyfan

I sent you a DM :) x

Hi. Unfortunately in a lot of CCGs cyclogest needs to be prescribed by a consultant/ hospital as stated in the local prescribing guidelines. I guess you could arrange a private consultation with a gynaecologist who may prescribe it but you would have to pay for the prescription, unless you are already under a fertility clinic. Wishing you well for your pregnancy x

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Thank you. I emailed the clinic who has my frozen embryos and the lovely lady above sent another link to an online doctors service. I some someone will help me!

My GP did after natural pregnancies- but she did have to check with my now ex fertility specialist who reviews it case by case. There was a study that showed progesterone can be helpful in recurring miscarriages called prism. Tommy's have more info on it.So sorry for your loss. I've had 3 early miscarriages and 1 late loss ( thankfully we have have a 2 year old daughter after a 7 year struggle and after 3 losses in a row I am now 22 weeks pregnant) once cleared by fertility specialist the GP had no issues prescribing it for me ( it's a gynae medication hence they had to check) Good luck and I hope your pregnancy goes well and smoothly Xx

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Dreamama in reply to Jess1981

Thanks for your message and congratulations on pregnancy! You definitely deserve an “easy” ride after all you went through.The GP suggested that I should go to an early pregnancy clinic at my local hospital and speak to them. I will do that next week if I can’t get anything until then.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

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