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Can your lining be too thick for FET?

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Hello everyone,

I am wondering can your lining be too thick for embryo transfer, and if so will it affect implantation? My lining was 15mm and my doctor said not to worry about it. Has anyone had experience with a thick lining and successful implantation?

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Hey! This has never happened to me, but apparently your lining can be too thick. I found out when I joined this forum. I had no idea before that. I think there have been women who have had to cancel planned transfers when their lining went over 12mm. I’ve seen a few post about it. Maybe search the old posts and possibly reach out to them for advice? Best of luck! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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wortht in reply to Lancal

Thank you so much for your response and advice Lancal . I will do just that. I also read that over 12mm was too thick to proceed as well.

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Why is FET different from a fresh transfer? Mine was 12.7mm during stims and I had my transfer.

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wortht in reply to FrancyItaly

Hi FrancyItaly i’m not sure if there is a difference with lining between a fresh and frozen transfer as I’ve only had frozen transfers.

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This is purely my experience but yes, and no. I over-respond to oestrogen but my clinic put me on high dose of progynova anyway (was soooo ill). After 10 days my lining was average 10.7mm but there was quite a noticeable area that was very thick and sort of intruding into the womb. Doctor said it could be a polyp but that's never come up on any scans and he also said it could just be where the lining sort of rucked up because it had gotten thick quickly. His advice was to cancel the FET, stop meds and have a 3D and aqua scan on my bleed to see if it had gone or if it was something. He felt that it could affect implantation and I shouldn't waste embryos when the conditions weren't perfect. However, he also said it could be fine. I decided to go ahead as I couldn't face the further delays and my lining's always been fine (very thick, but even). I frantically googled can lining be too thick and didn't find much, seemed to be more about too thin or not homogeneous - did they say if yours was triple layer and homogeneous? l reduced my oestrogen a bit, started progesterone and by the day of transfer the lining had sort of evened itself out. All went fine.

This was a very personal and probably cavalier decision, but I had chemicals when all the conditions were 'perfect' on fresh transfer. Also I have frosties and I've had soooo many tests and investigations (including laparoscopy and hysteroscopy) which came to nothing so just couldn't face more and the delay. But there will probably be women on here who have very different stories and if it doesn't work, it's difficult in hindsight to feel you took a risk when really the delay might not be that big a deal in the scheme of things. On the other hand, if it works...

It's a horrible decision when you feel you've come quite a long way and sorry you're in this position x

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wortht in reply to MrsOrangejuice

Hi MrsOrangejuice thank you for sharing your experience. I too believe I over respond to oestrogen and also thought that reducing the amount prescribed will help it come down a bit as well. I do know that my lining was trilaminar whicj I assume is triple layer but unsure of homogeneous.

I’ve had 2 frozen transfers that both failed and each time my lining was over 13mm, I kept blaming the thickness of my lining as the reason it failed but also not sure if that’s the case. For my next round I am asking for more tests before proceeding again.

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I’m in my 2WW of a natural FET but this time took extra progesterone so my lining I saw on the ultrasound was 15 something! They never even mentioned it and went ahead with the transfer so fingers crossed! I can let you know Wednesday xx

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wortht in reply to Mai94

Mai94 Good luck and wishing you tons of baby dust!!

Mine was just over 8mm at embryo transfer. I always thought a thick lining was better.

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wortht in reply to

Yes I also thought the thicker the better as well. Google doesn’t really have much information on what’s considered “too thick” and my doctor never seemed concerned with how thick my lining was. 1st transfer was 18mm!! And 2nd was 15mm they both failed unfortunately.

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I had 16mm before my lucky FET :) good luck!

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wortht in reply to HopeOfYou

Awesome! That gives me hope for my next round!! Congratulations 🎉

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