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If any of you guys took heparin before the transfer, when did you start? Thanks in advance!

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Hi there, I did inhixa injections which is pretty much the same and they started the same day as progesterone xx

Thanks for that, I’m dreading it! They want me to start 2 weeks before, seems like a long time…. Did you self inject or get someone else to do it? Thanks

They’re not too bad! I ice them site for 10 seconds before hand and you don’t really feel it. I’m a massive needle phobic too 🤦🏼‍♀️My husband does all my shots…

Have you not had any injections before or are you just particularly worried about these ones? Xx

No, never self injected before, I just don’t think I can stab it into my own skin, dreading it lol

I have done it a few times when he’s been ok and it was a struggle. But I just gave myself a talking to and shoved it in, and it was honestly fine!!

Does it go in easy, do you have to do it fast like a dart lol well done you for being able too, think I’ll need one of those talking to myself too 🤣

I would count 3,2,1 and push it through on 1. But not like BAM! Just at a steady pace xx

Thank you xx

I am doing inhixa injections now in preparation for fet on Monday. I am self injecting.

Well done you, I just don’t think I can pop that needle in😱 good luck for Monday!!

It’s not so bad. I put ice before to numb the area. You will be fine x

With my fresh cycle, I started with the stimulations drugs -- but I have acquired thrombophilia. When doing FET, my first clinic wanted me to start the day of the transfer, the second clinic two days before transfer.

Hello, I start tonight, and I’m on my 6th day of Stims. My husband does all my injections as I’m a little wimpy with them! I suck on a grape or something to help distract me 🍀🤞🏻 Xx

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