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Brown Discharge 7 - 8 weeks pregnant

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Hi everyone.

I’m feeling super scared as I am 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow and have had some brown discharge on the tissue when I wipe. I haven’t had any in my underwear.

It started on Friday with some brown discharge that looked a bit stringy and some jelly like. It stopped quite quickly and I didn’t get anymore until Monday morning.

Yesterday (Monday) and today it’s been very light and watery only on the tissue again and I also got the jelly like discharge first thing this morning. Sorry if TMI but I think I’m so over being embarrassed.

I’ve booked a scan for tomorrow to try to reassure myself but I am so scared.

I’ve read wayyy too much online which has and hasn’t helped 🤦🏽‍♀️

Sending you all lots of love x

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Hi, I had this around the same time and it was nothing. I remember feeling terrified it was something bad and just convinced something would go wrong. I had a scan at 7 weeks plus 6 days and all was fine. My baby is now 8 months. Good luck for your scan x

I was also told it’s worrying if it’s bright red but brown is old blood x

Thank you so much! I’m so worried. I had a scan last Wednesday and saw the heartbeat so I’m desperately holding on hope to that.

Do you mind me asking how long your brown discharge lasted and if it felt like a lot at the time? X

I can’t remember exactly but it was definitely a day or 2. I remember saying to my sister about it and worrying and she also had it which reassured me.

That’s amazing you had a heartbeat and I know it’s easy to say but I’m sure everything is fine. You feel elated to be pregnant when you go through ivf and you can’t quite believe it’s true. I spent most of my pregnancy anxious and never truly allowed myself to believe it was happening until I had her! Sending lots of love x

Thank you so much. Mine has been going for 2 days and it looks like it’s slowing down but I’m so worried about everything.

It’s so true what you say, especially going through treatment it’s so hard to enjoy the pregnancy. I just want to be big or have the baby here already. I’m so scared everyday xx

I totally understand how you feel. Just take each week as it comes. I also had extra scans throughout for my own peace of mind which helped. X

Well my last scan was last Wednesday and I have another already tomorrow. I’m just really scared and hoping everything is still going well xx

Hi lovely, I had this happen twice once on the day of my BFP and again around this time and it turned out fine. I even felt cramping but it only lasted a few days and again it was when I wiped. Luckily I had a scan that week and they confirmed it was just a bit of fluid but was no harm to baby. All the best for your scan xx

Hi Lovely. Thank you so much for this. Did you find it got lighter? I’m so scared it’s going to get worse or something is wrong. Xx

I found it got lighter in colour more like a tan colour. In terms of the amount there was never a lot but it did seem to ease over a few days. When I did raise it with EPU they really we’re not worried and this is before I had my scan. I know it’s hard as I was scared to and you have done the right thing booking in the scan not that I think something is wrong but for your peace of mind xxx

My clinic were not worried at all. They didn’t even think I needed a scan unless I had heavy bleeding or cramping. I just want to be reassured which I REALLY hope I get tomorrow.

Thank you for your reassurance too. It means so much! Xx

I would like to say the worrying eases but it doesn’t ( well for me anyways) I always manage to “find”something to stress about😂 I really think you will be fine and like you say just having that reassurance will make all the difference. It’s normal to feel like this too as we obviously want this so much xx

I know I will be the same but as long as baby is okay I will suffer anything.

Praying for tomorrow’s scan to be ok xxx

All the best tomorrow and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers 🙏🏾

Thank you so much. That means a lot 🤞🙏🤞

So glad it is all good. Hope you have a smooth pregnancy 🙏🏾

Thank you so so much! 🙏

I had a heavy bleed around 8 weeks

The only way to reassure is a scan cx peace of mind my love

I was fine, but we are all built differently

I’m hoping I’m ok too. I really am. Thank you xx

Hi lovely - I had what you describe and it lasted around 9 days if I recall. All was ok - but I had a scan after 3 of those days as I was freaking out. I’m 23 weeks at the moment and thankful every day. Hoping your scan helps to ease your worries Xx

Thank you for replying. This is reassuring me. I really hope I’m ok too. I really do 🙏🤞🙏 xxx

I had exactly the same thing, at the exact same time (how strange) I went for a private scan and their he was, flickering away in his little sack happy as Larry. You are doing the right thing by getting a scan though, it’ll help you to relax.

Let us know how you get on x

Thank you lovely. It’s scary isn’t it!! I had my scan today and all is good thank god 🙏

Hi, I found out I was pregnant nearly two weeks ago and I’ve had exactly the same since Friday on and off. I phoned my clinic in a panic Friday but they weren’t worried at all because it’s old blood and light and mentioned it could be to do with implantation, they just said if it turned heavy and fresh then I would need to see someone, now got to wait for our first scan on the 2nd. The stringy bits were making me panic more and I’ve had to stop googling but people keep telling me it’s very common. Wishing you luck for your scan xx

Hi lovely. I had my scan this morning and all is fine. Thank you for your message. It’s a hard time atm isn’t it c

Same thing happened to me at 8 weeks 3 days (I’m now 9 weeks 5 days). I had brown discharge that went on for a good 5 days and, on the first day, I also had red blood run down my leg. Needless to say I was in tears and assumed it was game over. Booked an emergency scan and baby was fine - couldn’t believe it. I completely understand your concern, it is such a worrying time. But fear not, I’m sure all will be fine! Good luck with your scan, I hope it reassures you xxx

Thank you for this message. I needed it. I had my scan today and all is perfect. I’m 8 weeks today and am hoping I get no more scares xx

That’s wonderful news! So glad to hear all is well. I am very much with you in the struggle!! Take care of yourself xxx

We can do this. Praying everything continues to go well for us both x

First, Congrats. I know it’s hard not to worry. I had brown discharge too around 8 weeks but it was fine once I went to the scan. I’m currently 38 weeks. Please stay optimistic 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Thank you so much lovely. That’s amazing to know. Did you have anymore brown or bleeding after 8 weeks? I really hope I don’t. I had a scan this morning and all looks good. 8 weeks today 🥰🙏

After the 8 weeks, I had no more bleeding. Congrats on scan 🤗

I’m so pleased. And thank you! Xx

I had all kinds of bleeding from 5dp5dt - gushing, spotting, jelly, string, red, brown. It finally stopped yesterday - I am nearly 15 weeks and everything is fine 🙂

Oh wow. I bet it was quite scary. I am so glad it’s finally stopped for you. Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy lovely. I had a scan today and all looks good. I am 8 weeks today xxx

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