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What are the best fertility clinics in London for Low AMH?

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I am 31 years old, I have had 2 consecutive miscarriages in the last year. I went for some fertility tests to investigate the miscarriages and my results came back, AMH 2.5 FSH 13 AFC 9.

My local fertility clinic said I have about a 1% chance of conceiving a successful pregnancy naturally. They also don’t seem particularly confident that IVF, (although according to them my only option) would not be very successful, given my very low AMH.

I am feeling quite overwhelmed and not sure what to do. I am wondering about trying a different clinic that specialises in low AMH. I live about an hour from London, so I can travel. From my research it seems the Lister Clinic and Create seem to have some experience with low AMH.

I was hoping for some advice about which clinic would be best given my situation. Any advice would be really appreciated.

13 Replies
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Sorry I can’t help but would also love to know the answer! Thanks

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I don’t know clinic in London but you are too young too and someone should help you. I can send the contact of my doc in the US if you are interested in a video visit. I think it would be helpful. Good luck

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Username45762 in reply to BBHH1

Thank you I appreciate your reply x

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I went to the Lister last year. Its not a bad clinic but it is heavily overpresribed, meaning that it is a bit of a conveyor belt. We only spoke to consultants over the phone, and usually a different one every time, depending who was on phone call duty. They also really pushed us to do pgt-a testing, which they might do with you too with your history. But bare in mind, they only do egg collections on certain dates if you're having pgt-a, which means if your eggs are ready on monday, egg collection would be delayed until Wednesday which ties in with when the embryologists are in. This was the only clinic we didn't transfer an embryo, our previous cycles we transferred both times. I'm not saying don't go there, but those are the two things that really stood out for me as being important things to know x

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Username45762 in reply to Zebedee1971

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me 🙏🏼 That’s really helpful information xxx

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I used create for my low amh, they were great, it still didn’t work out for me but they were fantastic. My amh was around 2.7, fsh anything from 11 to 22, afc anything from 7 to 11. I was 32 when I started ivf.

I’ve seen so many people have success with our numbers though, I think I was unlucky x

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Username45762 in reply to Orla9298

Thank you so much for your reply. I am pleased that you had a good experience with Create, as I think I am leaning more towards them and their clinic in Wimbledon is probably easier for me to get to.

It’s such a big decision which clinic to go to and I just want to try and choose the right one for my specific circumstances but I also feel I don’t have time on my side anymore, so need to decide sooner rather than later.

I am very sorry that you have been through a similar experience. When I went for the tests I thought they might say my miscarriages were because of lack of progesterone or something. To be told my AMH was so low came as a complete shock. Very upsetting to be told this when I still feel relatively young and thought I had a few more fertile years ahead of me.

It’s all very overwhelming xx

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Orla9298 in reply to Username45762

It is overwhelming, I couldn’t believe it when I got told of my egg reserves. But I’m older than you and even last October I managed to get a pregnancy naturally to heartbeat, just tragically it was in my tube. That low amh diagnosis does not mean you won’t get pregnancy naturally and seriously the younger you are the better your chances, so you really do have that on your side.

I’ve seen lots of negative things about one of the create branches - I think it was the St. Paul’s one. So it might be worth posting on the ivf support U.K. group on Facebook to see people’s feedback. I’d highly recommend doing the 3 round banking package.

But get going with supplements too and keep trying naturally - inositol, wheatgrass, ubiquinol and dhea are all worth looking at, I got pregnant much more when I was on all of them. Dhea should be with caution - you can test your dhea and testosterone before taking it to see if you have low levels.

Your figures are very close to mine, so I’m here if you need to talk or want more advice xx

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Did you only have the fertility tests or did you also have the recurrent miscarriage tests like vitamin D, blood clotting, thyroid, immunity, endometritis etc?

It sounds like you can get pregnant so you need to get to the bottom of why you can’t stay pregnant. Whether or not IVF will help prevent miscarriage will depend on the reason for your miscarriages. xxx

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Username45762 in reply to Mycatsaremykids

Thank you for your reply. I know they tested my thyroid and endometrium. But I’m not sure about the others. I was a bit overwhelmed during the consultation and probably didn’t ask enough questions.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t test me for Vitamin D but they are sending through my notes in the post, when they arrive I’ll have a look through them and if they aren’t on there I’ll make sure I get them tested at the next clinic I go to.

Thank you as I also think that would be a good idea x x

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I agree with mycatsaremykids - I would focus my attention on the reasons for the miscarriages rather than the low AMH.Having said that, if I were you I would do two things:

-Start taking Impryl right away. Some studies have shown that it can increase AMH in women with low ovarian reserve.

-Find a fertility clinic that specialises in recurrent miscarriage. We’ve been working with Neo Fertility in Dublin and really, really like them. And apparently they have great success with treating recurrent miscarriage. It’s not an IVF clinic though - they work to find the root cause of your problems - so it can take a few months to diagnose the problem and start treatment. I highly recommend them though!

Good luck xx

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Username45762 in reply to soccerkt6

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I have just ordered Impryl and will start taking along with my partner when it arrives. Thank you for the recommendation, it seems there is some good reviews about this supplement online.

I have also read ‘it starts with the egg’. Which recommends certain supplements and diet for women with low ovarian reserves. I’ve always lived a relatively heathy life style but trying my best to improve the quality of what little eggs I seem to have left, to give us the best chance.

Yes you are absolutely right about the recurrent miscarriages and I will make sure I’ll have more tests done for this at the next clinic I go to. Xx

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soccerkt6 in reply to Username45762

Of course, I hope it helps. And for what it's worth, I'd really recommend a consultation with Neo Fertility (we're based in the UK and have had our consults via Skype). IVF clinics are in the business of doing IVF procedures so most of the time they're not really the right place to seek answers about the underlying cause for something. They'll do tests but the answer to every problem is...IVF. We had our consult with Neo Fertility after our failed IVF cycle (diagnosis of unexplained subfertility) and it was the first time someone seemed to pay real attention to what was going on with me and my partner. In the first 5 minutes of our appointment, the doctor pointed out some results from my blood tests that indicated PCOS/ insulin resistance that none of our other doctors (in the two years leading up to the IVF cycle) had either noticed or mentioned. It was the first of several lightbulb moments and while we're still ttc, at least we have a game plan now.

**By the way, I'm not anti-IVF - I know it's incredible science and what has allowed many, many women on here to conceive - but I was just underwhelmed by our conveyor-belt experience and the fact that after our failed cycle, there was very little enquiry into why the cycle failed; the suggestion was just to do another one.**

Just my thoughts xx

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