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Low AMH AFC 1 and 5. Can the weak ovary provoke the low AMH?

Hello Ladies. This might be an over technical questions and I am probably being too imaginative about potential correlation. I have a very low AMH of 0.1, going through my first IVF cycle. One ovary has one non-working follicule and the other has 5. I have been prescribed to take 375 gonal. My follicules from the working ovary grew fast and at day 9th, I had 21, 19, 18 mm hence pretty much ready for egg collection. I suspect that the dosage might have been too high. They based the dosage on the AMH. Is it possible that having one ovary very quiet provoke a very low AMH and that actually my other ovary is working relatively well and wouldn't need such high dosage of Gonal? I know, it's a bit of a convoluted question... Thanks.

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I am sorry I don't have the answer at all. Can only say that they just don't know know each person will react to each protocol.

Great that you have 5 follicles and 3 ready for collection. You only need one egg as they say.

I wish you the greatest of luck with the next few weeks.

Just try not to overthink everything and relax. Focus on visualising your eggs being top grade, fertilizing and then after transfer, visualise your egg /eggs implanting and a healthy pregnancy.



Hi! Thanks a lot for your reply and wishes. I am doing my best but don't want to hope too much to minimise the emotional roller-coaster collateral damage. Wishing the best for you and thanks again.

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Hi, no the amh is the total for your combined follicles - i don’t think it has meant it has overcalculated your dose. I responded similar in my first ivf and was ready to go after 8 days on stims on a dose of 450. I think it’s right that we just don’t know how you will react to a drug - if you were on the same dose of menopur it could have been totally different.

Great news that you have those eggs there that have responded nicely and good luck!xx


Thanks for generously replying to the post. All the best for you.


Have they also given you menopur or just gonal-f? I had my best results when given a combination of both... my clinic says you need the lutenising hormone as well which is in menopur but not gonal-f


Hello. Just Gonal. I will double check with my clinic. Thanks.


I agree with previous respondent. Your AMH level reflects both ovaries. But it's great that the ovary that is more active has responded well with 3 decent follicles by day 9. I think it's unlikely the dose is too high as it's done the job! Some people are ready by day 9, some people by day 17. Everyone is different.

Good luck for the EC. Fingers crossed you get a good egg 🍀xx


Thanks for your nice words. It helps. ;) EC tomorrow...


Hi Clementinedam. Well, first of all, well done in achieving good follicles with such a very low AMH. Just wanted to wish you well with the trigger shot and egg collection. It does look, I'm afraid as if the one ovary probably won't be up to stimulating, but if you can get the other to perform like that again if necessary, that would be great. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks Diane, our plan is to run few more IVF to get some frozen embryos to implant and give us a chance to have 2 children. I fear that if I go trough a pregnancy now, it will be too late for a second child. People say that we are over optimistic. If we have an embryo this cycle, it will be quite hard to send it to the freezer for later. Thanks for your nice words.


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