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Fearing of a 3rd chemical

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Hello Ladies,

I am fearing of a 3rd chemical pregnancy in a row... the first pregnancy i had a few years ago was natural however after testing positive a week later i got a bleed and bloods confirmed there was no pregnancy and was classed as a chemical back then.

I then went down the IVF route where the first fresh cycle was a BFN , i had one frostie left from that first round so i did a 5 day blastocyst transfer in November last year where i got a BFP and my first hcg levels were 185 on 12 dpt i never repeated hcg test for this transfer as clinic said there is no need ?However a week later i bled heavily with clots and resulted in a chemical too.

Today i am 20 days past 3 day transfer, i had my first hcg blood test on 9dpt and it came back positive which was levels 100, then on 11 days past i had some spotting like pink and brown and it stopped only happened for like 5 mins , i then asked for repeat a second hcg blood test after what happened with previous pregnancy and this second hcg test was done on 13 dpt and the level went up so high to 1157 and the clinic advised that this is rising as they expected. My fear is all my pregnancies i have only had slightly sore boobs and always have mild cramps like period is coming i never get any other symptoms to indicate that something different is happening. I know cramps are common but i am terrified of another chemical and i don't want to do a home pregnancy test as i don't want to get stressed out.

My pregnancy scan is next week where i will be 6.5 weeks, i have no one to speak to about this so any advise from you ladies would be helpful, thank you.

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Hi Simz. I can fully understand how scared you are feeling. I wondered whether you were taking any low dose soluble aspirin or heparin to help prevent clotting and ensure even blood flow? Just rest when you can, and make sure you don't get constipated. Thinking of you. Diane

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Simz143 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks for your reply Diane , no I’m on one lubion 25mg injection. a day and that’s it thr clinic said that’s all I need. Is this something I should mention to my clinic ?

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Simz143

Hi Simz. No harm in asking. Diane

I have had 8 chemical losses in a year and a half. I have hormonal issues and pos. I’m thinking of you just don’t give up hope.

Thank you so much.

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