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Womb lining not thicken



I’m currently on my 4th cycle of egg donation.

I was ment to get embryo transfer in July but was cancelled because my womb lining wasn’t thick enough. I was on medication for 4 weeks and my womb lining wasn’t going any thicker than 5mm.

We decided to start the cycle again in October to get the transfer. I was ment to get transfer this week but my scan last week again only showed 5mm. The clinic said stay on medication and rescan this week.

I’m on prognova x5 a day, aspirin, vitamin E, vitamin D.

Anyone know what I can do to increase womb lining?

I’ve never had this problem in previous cycles my lining has always been around 10mm.

Thank you x

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Hey I thought I'd give you a full breakdown of what I take. It's helped me get to 8mm I've always struggled getting past 6mm

Estrogen patches (change daily), 4x2mg prognova daily, 50mg Viagra, baby aprin)

(Vitamins - vitamin e 400iu, vitamin d 1000iu, folic acid, l-argunine 6mg)

(Weekly accupunture, bi-daily yoga, daily moxa, caster oil packs every evening, 3 cups of raspberry leaf tea daily also raspberry leaf supplements)

(Food eating: Brazil nuts, pineapple, pomegranate juice)

I am wishing you all the best xxx

Hope_1234 in reply to Hope_1234

Also I got told to cut out cut high intensity exercises .. just stick to light exercising to get your blood flowing like yoga or walking

But avoid hiit, running, weights etc x

kirstie93 in reply to Hope_1234

Thank you soo much.. I will definitely try some of these.. good luck on your journey 🤗 🙏🤞 xxx

On top of what you have already tried, I also recommend the raspberry leaf tea and tablets....Im sure this helped me get my best lining yet. Gentle waking can help get the blow flowing and also warm baths and a hot water bottle. I must be very frustrating to know you normally have a good lining, might just be a one off as I never really had a nice juicy lining! Good luck.xxx

Thank you for the reply. Where would I get the raspberry leaf tea and supplements I live in Northern Ireland. It’s very frustrating 🤦‍♀️ in July the transfer was cancelled and now it’s the same thing. Getting rescanned on Thursday, I just can’t understand it 😥 xxx

I got the Heath and Heather Raspberry leaf and Natures Aid tablets....you can get them on Amazon and Holland and Barrett usually keep them. Might not be quick enough for you though. Its a bit of a puzzle, hopefully its just been a slow grower.x

I wouldn’t get them on time if scan is Thursday.. thank you soo much for replying.. could it go from 5mm to 7mm in a week?🙊xx

Ive seen other people's lining do wonders....mine not so much but like I say you don't seem to have had problems in the past! Will keep my fingers crossed for you.xx

Thank you soo much 🙏🤞 hope your keeping well 🥰 xx

It’s so tough - I had 3 FETs cancelled so I feel your pain. I’d agree with the suggestions above but would suggest researching caster oil packs, I personally decided not to do them close to transfer but I know others have and have had success. Do you have a regular cycle / ovulate? If so you could consider a natural FET, I am resistant to artificial estrogen and had a great response to my natural cycle and got a BFP. Of course I hope this cycle can go ahead but just wanted to give you hope incase it is cancelled xx

kirstie93 in reply to Libsie3103

It’s very tough, I’m finding this the worse cycle yet. Unfortunately no, I went through menopause at 16 so I’m doing egg donation.. I’ve never had a period.. so it’s artificial estrogen for me as I don’t produce it.. this is my 4th cycle, last year I got my BFP last year and ended in a silent miscarriage at 9 weeks 💔 congratulations on your BFP ❤️🌈🥰 xx

Libsie3103 in reply to kirstie93

So sorry to hear this, I just wanted to mention it incase it was helpful. Sorry to hear about your MMC as well, I had one last year and lost twins and it’s heartbreaking. Fingers crossed your lining will thicken up before your next scan. Good luck xx

I got red raspberry leaf tea capsules from Amazon. Best wishes.xx

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