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First IVF failed, Second?


My first IVF just failed with 1 pgs normal 4 BB embryo, no more embryos frozen because were abnormal. So I will have to start all over.

What did you change or did different the second time around for a positive result.


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I changed to natural modified IVF protocol got twins from the next cycle x

Goch in reply to Ivfgotadream

I will review this with my Dr. I do think I need some stimulation but maybe to much is affecting egg quality. How many eggs were retrieved in your cycle?

Ivfgotadream in reply to Goch

Over 2 cycles of natural modified I got 9 eggs 100% fertilised and 4 top quality blastocysts - currently pregnant with twins from two of them

(Compared to normal IVF over 2 cycles I got 28 eggs less than 30% fertilised and 4 average blastocysts - 3 BFN 1 ectopic)

Hi there, what is the difference between natural and natural modified ivf?

Natural IVF is no drugs at all. They just collect the one egg body naturally chose that month

Natural modified they give very very low dose stims and you might get between 2 and 7 eggs

Oh right. I was on natural modified

ashalez in reply to Ivfgotadream

Congratulations 🥰🥰🥰So happy to hear you are pregnant with twins and it worked for you can I ask you what is (natural modified IVF protocol).

Ivfgotadream in reply to ashalez

It’s very low dose drugs - tamoxifen tablets daily from cycle day 3 and then 150ml Bemfola every other day also from cycle day 3 - no down reg etc

Hi Goch! I’m sorry it heard your first round was unsuccessful. I’m in the same boat as you as I got my BFN on Thursday and have none in the freezer.

I had my follow up appointment with the doctor on Friday and he wants to do another long protocol but with ICSI to hopefully improve fertilisation rate (3/6 eggs fertilised). This is the main change but he also wants me to take DHEA for 2-3 months before my next cycle to try and improve number of eggs collected (I’m 34 and my AMH is 6.5).

Good luck with your next cycle 🤞💞

Goch in reply to Jezzabelle

I am sorry your cycle failed as well. I am 37 and my AMH is 1.1, I had 5 blastocyst only 1 normal, so no many quality eggs, my husband is 30 with 401 million sperm last IVF cycle, so probably the issue is on my side.

I will tell my Dr. about the DHEA, something I am definitely looking for is to improve egg quality.

Goch in reply to Goch

Jezzabelle, which dose are you taking for DHEA?

Hi Goch. Sorry to hear your news. Me too. Next cycle to start on the 1 Oct. I am on DHEA and different drugs. I am on a micro dose protocol with AOA. I plan to do the ERA test before transfer. Also might be worth establishing what your sperm parameters are. I am 40 and my husband as 32% DNA fragmentation. I hope this is helpful. Wishing you all the best lovely

Goch in reply to leo1980

I had been reading about the ERA, Alice and EMMA test and it may apply to me as well. I will request this to my Dr.

Wishing you a successful cycle as well.

Goch in reply to Goch

Hi Leo, which dose are taking of DHEA?

I'm just starting round 4... Only advice I can give is just keep trying as it's a numbers game. Might be successful second round or third or fourth... Good luck x

Goch in reply to Zebedee1971

It is true, if only were not as expensive as it is. Did you change Dr./Clinic? Or kept the same. I know is not my Dr. fault but I am struggling about continue with him.

Zebedee1971 in reply to Goch

I did change clinic, but only because the first clinic messed up egg collection. I had 13 follicles and they only got 2 because I started coughing..I found out the hard way to always choose a clinic that is private but also NHS, that way they can put you under general anaesthetic if you respond badly under local. We had free NHS cycle second time. Now with top rated London clinic. Definitely don't feel like they care, but their results are good so 🤞

Really sorry to hear this. I am in the same position as you. I had a 4ab embroyo transferred and got 3 negative pregnancy results. It's a really hard position to be in and I hope you're ok. Remember you are not the only one - I keep thinking it's just me but reading has made me realised that is not only me. I could do with some of the advice and suggestions too.

Goch in reply to Shazzyb25

I am so sorry, it is heartbreaking when the second line is not there. That is why I want to be as knowledge as I can before doing it a second time, I want to increase the odds.

Shazzyb25 in reply to Goch

Wishing you all the best

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