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IVF failed

Hi I'm new to this site recently been through IVF treatment  unfortunately I did my pregnancy test and it was negative and I stereo my bleed , I'm trying so hard not to be upset but I'm up and down I'm devestated and struggling . Work have been amazing I'm not having any time off as want to keep busy and don't get paid for being off sick. I'm trying to start being positive as we have 2 more shots of this but at the minute I'm so down 

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Started not stereo 😳


I'm really sorry to hear you got a BFN. I felt so shocked with our first BFN as everything had gone as they expected. It's ok to feel upset, give yourself time to recover emotionally and physically before trying again. Your clinic should offer a follow up to discuss possible changes to your protocol to try to improve your chances of success.

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Thank you pm27 we have a consultation in June to see what happens next , it really takes it out of you , are you going through another cycle? Sorry to hear your cycle wasn't successful either I've heard it's popular the first cycle isn't always successful.


We've had 3 BFNs from 3 rounds of ICSI and have sadly decided to cease treatment. 

Hopefully round 2 will result in a BFP for you.

Good luck!


Aww I'm so sorry to hear this stay positive although it's not easy thanks Hun xx


I am sorry. Keep mu fingers crossed for positive outcome xx


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