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Testing after embryo transfer


When can you do a pregnancy test after embryo transfer. My clinic advised 14 days, but a friend of a friend claims you can after 10? It's obviously referred to as the two week wait, so i assume the common answer is 14 days, but just interested in what people av been told themselves.

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It depends if it's a 3 day or 5 day transfer - my clinic's official test day was 9 days after a 5 day transfer, but then they told you to test again on day 11 if you got a negative xx

Mine was a day 5 transfer, they said if its negative on day 14 to test the following two days as well and to call with results either way by that point x

Jols in reply to Clairelee86

Hi Claire was this fresh or FET?

Clairelee86 in reply to Jols

Fresh x

Hi, Clairelee86 Every clinic is different for what they tell you. They make their own rules up that is the truth. My clinic said 14 days but I think that is because it is a FET and also because, they do not do the blood test so they want extra time to be sure.

I have seen for girls who get a beta done, they are told to test on day 9 or 10 and then they also get a beta done around then also. I got a very strong positive on day 10 after 5-day transfer. I have seen from this group that everyone is being told different things. One girl posted that her test day was before me but her transfer day was after me. It is crazy but private and NHS also make up different rules I think. I have seen from instagram also that some girls get a BFP on day 6 or 7. I just think you end up worrying more and getting yourself stressed. I tested early was happy for like a day and then I kept testing, kept worrying and then comparing the tests. I am now 16DP5DT and I am trying to not test anymore as I know I am pregnant and I was driving myself crazy.

Test when you think it is right too. I would wait until at least 10-day after transfer.

Firstly congratulations 🎉 n thank you, I think im probably going to just wait and see how I feel and if I can't hold out till day 14 I might test a few days earlier. I cant believe how early some people have got a BFP then little embryos must of nestled in right away. Ive read that every side effect of progesterone pessaries can also be a symptom of pregnancy, so ive decided not to try and over analyse things else I'm going to send myself potty. I just need to be as patient as possible I suppose....... 😬X

Hi Claire, I tested 7dp5dt and got a pretty strong positive. It was a fresh cycle so I think clinics tend to give a shorter wait, I’m not sure why.

I tested again 9dp, similar line then at 11dp (OTD) a much stronger line.

Everyone is different, for me I was fully prepared for a chemical If it happened, I just wanted to see a positive no matter if it only lasted a few days. But so far so good.

You can only do what feels right. Good luck, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Ha I’m the worst person to reply as I test out the trigger shot and usually test from 4dp5dt- both BFPs I’ve had via IVF I got a positive this early - the first time ended in ectopic and the second time is my current pregnancy and I’m 11 weeks with twins

Congratulations on twins that's so exciting!! I hate being patient, I just don't wana see a negative either by doing it too early n get myself all down without giving it long enough. X

Hi my clinic told me to test on day 13 after my fresh transfer which was a 5 day blastocyst, but during my Fet my otd was on day 16. However; on my fresh cycle when I had tested early on day 9 I had got a very faint positive. On my otd the second line was still so weak that even my husband was confused. We weren't sure whether it was a chemical pregnancy. I did 3 separate tests too but they were all so faint. We waited 24 hours and tested again and the line became much darker. I really think testing on day 14 or 16 removes any doubt though xx

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