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Bleeding after embryo transfer - a survey

Hello, I would like to ask for your help ladies to get a picture on the implications of bleeding after an embryo transfer. A lot of people do bleed and this is a huge cause of worry and stress during the 2WW. I know that sometimes this is called implantation bleeding, but I have also read a lot of research that bleeding directly after the transfer can indicate a negative result (as it shows transfer was difficult).

Could you please let me know in your experience the following, and if your result was BFN or BFP?

1. Did you bleed on the day of transfer? YES / NO / BFN / BFP

2. Did you bleed on/off for the days following transfer? YES / NO / BFN / BFP

3. Did you bleed constantly for the days following transfer? YES / NO / BFN / BFP

4. Did you have one-off spotting for just a few hours, a few days after transfer? YES / NO / BFN / BFP

5. Did you bleed throughout the 2WW? YES / NO / BFN / BFP

I know every person and situation is different, and it would be useful for us all to have a picture of this. If you could copy and paste questions 1-5 with your answers, it would be really great!!

Many thanks!!

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Hi I had bleeding on the day of transfer due to my cervix being too tight so they just changed the catheter to a softer one, I did not have any bleeding following transfer at all, I had a blob of brown blood with discharge at the time of implantation but that's all.


That's interesting as I read a research paper that said if there is blood on the catheter the chance of BFP is really really low, as it indicates transfer was difficult. So you have already contradicted this :)


Exactly, as long as the embryos are not in the catheter at the time of the difficulity, theres no harm done, that was the case with me, the embryos were in no danger.

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Did you have any cramps, or headaches?


no bleeding at all to all questions now 30 weeks pregnant with a little girl


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