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UPDATE: day 3 embryo + day 5 blast

So it has been nearly a week since our egg collection and ICSI for future FET, and although we decided to freeze our only two successfully fertilized eggs on Day 3, which was Sunday, the clinic informed us that one of them couldn't be frozen yet because it only had 7 cells on the morning of Day 3 still. The other looked good with 8 cells so they froze it on Day 3. I guess 7 cells is still in the range of normal, but they really didn't sound like they were giving us even the hint of a choice, and informed us that they were going to attempt to culture our little 7 cell embryo on to see if it would overcome and reach a Day 5 blastocyst, and if so, that they would freeze it the next day, at Day 6. This morning we just got the news that it made it! So we now have one frozen Day 3 embie and one frozen Day 5 blast. Very happy. What a relief.

(PS. It's possible that they actually froze our blast yesterday, since it is a Day 5 blast and not a Day 6, but they called us this morning about it)

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That's great news it made it to day 5! The hardest hurdle for an embryo to make is getting past day 4. That is when the majority of embryos are lost after looking ok on day 3...as they go through a major change day 4 before they turn to blast. So that's great news! And the fact your only 2 fertilized eggs made it to freeze! 😱 That's almost unheard of 😁 so well done and good luck xxx

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I know it's crazy, right? We actually had a third egg that was collected that they fertilized with ICSI, but they said it was discarded because it had 3 nucliei, no choice given to us. These were the only two that fertilized normally. Excited that they made it! xx

That’s a great turn around! You’ve got one of each scenario now which is the best possible outcome after all of the stress. Super news! How are things with hub today?

Sending hugs of relief 😘💐💐💐💐💐

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Oh thank you so much! 😘💐 Things are much better. We took some space over the weekend and it helped. We're just both so exhausted—probably like everyone going through this!

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It’s such an emotionally draining thing. Glad you had time to relax a bit over the weekend 😘 now you can breathe about the embryos for now at least until ya get your other bits sorted.

You survived 🤩😘💐💐💐💐💐

Well done you 💖

Whew, what a relief! Congrats on the good news, 2 healthy embryos!! Well done hun 💕 xx

Such great news! Yay!!!!!

This is wonderful news!! So pleased for you xxx

That is fantastic news! So pleased for you!! So lovely to get some wins along the way; we take them where we can right? Wishing you lots of luck and as much peace and sanity as possible over your next steps ☀️

Congratulations! That’s great news!!

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