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***Sensitive Birth Announcement ***


I seriously can’t believe that I’m writing this post on here. I’m a stage 3-4 endo sufferer. After 10 years of struggle , 9 ivfs🥵, 4 surgeries, 1 ectopic and an emergency life threatening surgery, miscarriages, I am here . I have had lost all hopes that I would ever be able to write this post on here so I had stopped posting on here but would just linger around and read the positive posts to keep myself going and off and on reply back to people whenever I felt I could .

I had a very stressful pregnancy so didn’t do any updates throughout the pregnancy. After falling pregnant I was spotting off and on and my progesterone fluctuating. So @10weeks i had some spotting for few days and cramping that scared the hell out of me and I went to my previous ivf consultant for a second opinion and he upped my progesterone.

PS: ladies progesterone is very important for women like us with previous history of endo and miscarriage.

At my 28week blood glucose, I tested positive for gestational diabetes and my blood pressure spiked to 140/90. I was monitored for next 3 days and put on insulin injections and medication for my blood pressure . And then onwards weekly hospital review for my blood pressure and 4times a day self prick blood sugar test. Then, at my 30 week scan they found that bp had spiked even higher. And on that day they admitted me and my heart sank that in this pandemic I would be in the hospital. But then I thought maybe they will control my bp and after a few days I will b able to go back home . But what was I thinking !😖

My blood pressure went haywire and they had put me on 2medications and after a week in hospital my blood bp went over the roof and so then 3 medications and thrice a day heartbeat monitoring and alternate day blood monitoring. But at 34 weeks my bloods started deteriorating. My consultant wanted to take my pregnancy to 37/38 weeks . But, that wasn’t meant to be. So after a month in hospital at 36 weeks my dr had to plan a c-section. And at 36 weeks my twins were born weighing 4 lbs each . I was so worried that my babies would need nicu. But, when they were born they didn’t need any support and they were straight given to us . But my preeclampsia went downhill again so had to be put on high dependency unit for 3 days and I was so poorly that I couldn’t even hold my babies let alone feeding . But I was so lucky that during this period they allowed my husband who was so scared to touch even normal baby , now had to hold these premies who looked like little monkey of 4lbs each . 😫😫

At day 4, I was shifted to post natal ward where my nightmare re-started as I had to leave my hubby and take my two babies with my sore stitched body and medications to b wheeled into a room with no one of my own to help. My hubby would come everyday and wait at the street below our room just to see a glimpse of his babies and me . I would cry in pain everytime I had to get out of bed and to hold my babies . But bless the midwives they were amazing . They taught me everything I know as I didn’t know much as all my antenatal classes got cancelled bcoz of corona.

So ladies please don’t loose hope . This is coming from a gurl who has lost all hopes. Sometimes it’s just a question of time. Love to all .

I joined this forum 5 years ago and on the way made some lovely friends for life . I would specially like to thank all the the ladies who some way or the other helped me cope up these dark and hopeless days . (They exactly know who they are). And kept sending me positive messages so that I could pick myself up. I quit my full time job in 2016 to try and focus on this journey and I would have gone absolutely mad hasn’t been these wonderful ladies in here .

“God gives u family whom u can’t choose . ( I didn’t have any family to support me at all neither from my husband’s side neither from my family apart from my parents). But blessed are people like me for whom god sends angels like these wonderful women on here .

And I also want to thank the wonderful administrators and Diane (who’s a nurse with many years of experience). She also has been always there to guide anyone and everyone .

PS: Sorry for the long post. X

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Congratulations! What an emotional post to write. You must be over the moon. Cherish every moment together as a family xx

Huge congratulations! I came on this morning to look for some positive stories and to get some encouragement and this was the first post I saw. Wonderful news! x

Oh tiger-cub, this is amazing news!! Im so happy for you that you got your happy ending.....times 2!!! Fabulous, Im over the moon for you!! Give those mini tiger cubs a hug from me!xxxxx

Thanks Hun I feel extremely guilty that I didn’t mention . I swear I was very scared and didn’t think I would pull through . I didn’t tell anyone apart from my parents at 28 weeks . And they didn’t believe me until d babies were here . They r still in disbelief 😨. I am praying that I can hear ur success story soon too. All my best baby dust sending ur way xx

Awww dont feel guilty that you didnt tell me, I am nothing but happy for you all!! I completely understand that you must have been super anxious. Your parents must be in amazement too, what a nice big surprise for them!! Thanks for your lovey words and wishes as always.xxx

Wow! Congratulations and well done to you all. You must be made up 😁😁😁

Congrats they are we dolls 🥰 I have had struggles too currently waiting on my FET and had two ectopics and lots of miscarriages I also have endo this gives me so much hope xx

Oh wow 🤩 Huge congratulations to you, what a roller coaster! They’re absolutely lovely xx

Massive congratulations and may god continue to bless you and your family for eternity.... your babies are beautiful 😘😘😘

Awwwww this is lovely. Gives me hope as a stage 4 endo sufferer. Congratulations xxxx lovely babies, little miracles

tiger-cub in reply to Faith103

Surely sending u baby dust which the other girls had passed to me and now it’s my turn to spread to u gurls xx

What a beautiful post and what a journey you have been on! Your babies are absolutely gorgeous and I wish you all the very best for your new journey of being a mum 🥰 xxx

tiger-cub in reply to KiboXX

Thanks I was firstly in denial and now I’m in shock of all the effort it goes into having twins that too in a pandemic. X

Huge congratulations to you. What an absolute nightmare you have been through! But your have your incredible twins now and I’m so happy for you xxx

tiger-cub in reply to Millbanks

Thanks Hun

Congratulations!!! Your babies are beautiful and perfect. You are so strong, having gone through all this and finding time to encourage and inspire us others, who are still in the journey. Thank you so much!🙏

tiger-cub in reply to Abbie254

I have not decided that I would be still pop in here from time to time to help in anyways I can . But am available on private message might not reply straight away but would try my best to revert back . X all the best

I am so happy that you are finally able to share on here. Congratulations to you all. Amazing news and very inspiring for others xxx

tiger-cub in reply to Camillage

I wouldn’t have been here without you gurls.You have been so supportive all this while . 😘

Omg what a story to read. Look at you and your journey! Huge massive congratulations you sooo muchhh deserve this outcome ❤️

Awwww wow! They are both so beautiful. Have you picked names for them yet? Thanks for giving us all hope. Your story bought a tear to my eye, so pleased you now have your happy ending. Hope your stitches heal quickly xx


Wow. Youve really been through it hut what a miracle to come out of the other side with two miracle babies. I can tell you I needed to read this story after having a "why me" moment. Enjoy motherhood.

What a woman!!! You are amazing and so are those gorgeous babies xxx

tiger-cub in reply to Emmaxxx

Oh Hun thanks for the kind words ! And so is urs too gorgeous . Xx

My god you have been through so much! I read your full post in awe of you & what you've overcome to get your beautiful babies. Congratulations on twins 💜 your post gave me hope so thank you for sharing xx

tiger-cub in reply to LizzieBW

I know that feeling of holding on to a ray of hope . All I can say now is everyone gets there only difference bus d timing and d route . XX baby dust to u

This literally brought tears to my eyes! What a story with such a wonderful ending. You are a true worrier and your babies are gorgeous! 💕

Thanks my lovely x

Congratulations on your beautiful babies from another twin mummy (now 14m) it’s a whirlwind but such a fantastic experiance ❤️

tiger-cub in reply to treezuk

Omg it’s so so hard . I never ever thought . Specially without parents or any helping hand in this situation.

treezuk in reply to tiger-cub

I can imagine because I was luckily enough to have people to help me but due to covid everyone is struggling to have the help right now.

tiger-cub in reply to treezuk

Exactly I’m going mental here 😢😭

treezuk in reply to tiger-cub

Your be okay just remember at some point your have to be on your own with them anyways so I guess it’s better to get used to it now

What a journey you've had! Huge congratulations on your beautiful new additions to your family 💛

tiger-cub in reply to KDA0510

Thanks my dear


Hi tiger-cub. Well, after sooooo many ups and downs you got there! What a smashing pair of twins. Don't know what flavour they are, but whatever, enjoy your new family life and do lots of daft things together. Thank you for your kind comments, it was always a pleasure to help out when I could. Loads of xxxxxx's for babies and a BIG gently hug for you. Diane

Oh sorry Diane! It’s one boy and a gurl x

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to tiger-cub

Hi Tiger-cub. Oh that's fantastic! So pleased for you both. Diane xx

Oh wow. So so glad that you are in a position to share your wonderful news after such a long and difficult journey and what sounds like a terrifying pregnancy and birth! You are so strong for continuing despite all your setbacks. Your two little ones are adorable and very lucky to have you as their mamma! Wishing you a speedy recovery and huge congratulations to you all xxxx

Thanks so much my dear xx

I am melting reading your story. Thanks for sharing. God bless you!

Congratulations 🥳 ❤️🤗

tiger-cub in reply to Ranchu90

Thanks so much

Congratulations to you! What a journey, I hope you are recovering well, the pain of a CS is hard enough without all the other problems you went through.

I am so happy that you got your happy ending and new beginning all in one. Enjoy the newborn stage and your lovely little babies.

tiger-cub in reply to Blue1986

Thanks it s hardwork specially without patents or any other help . I’m just taking one day at time . X

❤️ I hope you’re copying ok xx

Wow congratulations! I really admire your courage and determination! Enjoy every second of your new chapter with your beautiful, precious babies x

Wow, a long hard journey with plenty of drama right to the very end. Hope you're healing nicely now and your amazing little double troubles are feeding well and fattening up nicely. Gorgeous, has it started to sink in yet that they're really yours? Congratulations xxx

God bless you and your beautiful babies..... You gave me so much hope❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wow 🤩 congratulations .

tiger-cub in reply to Cici85


Thank you so much gives us all hope xx

tiger-cub in reply to WeeJacs

Thx baby dust to u

Huge congratulations! You deserve this and enjoy every second 🥰 xxx

tiger-cub in reply to kitscat

Thanks dear

Congratulations ❤️ your babies are beautiful xx

tiger-cub in reply to XxjustmexX


I’m sorry to say I don’t come on here much anymore (I just don’t get as much time as I used to!) but I got an email notification of your update today so I just wanted to say "congratulations!" xx

tiger-cub in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks so much . How’s the little lady x

Tugsgirl in reply to tiger-cub

She’s good thank you. 10 months now xx

Amazing news!! all the best to you all x x

tiger-cub in reply to Lots8788




Thank you for sharing your journey. Glad you in your happy ending. Enjoy x

tiger-cub in reply to Nix321


Congratulations, beautiful babies and I'm so tearful reading your post as it gives me hope. All the best xx

tiger-cub in reply to Georgie17

Thanks dear I hope so too x

What an emotional story, beautifully written and two beautiful babies....

Thanks for posting such a positive uplifting story during tough times. Enjoy every minute of your precious babies and your new family XXX❤️❤️

tiger-cub in reply to Tryagain45

Thanks my dear x

Oh wow!! Congratulations. Finally. What a blessing xx

tiger-cub in reply to lianm8

Hey liam thx a lot . How have u been x

lianm8 in reply to tiger-cub

All good thank you :-)

I’ve only just seen this - I don’t come on here so much anymore . I can’t put into words how thrilled I am for you, what a terrible long painful journey you’ve endured but so bloody fantastic you have 2 beautiful babies to show for it. A boy & girl how lovely to have one of each ( read your comment to Diane) Hope the lockdown eases & it’s safer so you can show off your babies. Enjoy. They grow up way too quickly! 😍 xxx

tiger-cub in reply to jess1981

Yes I hope so the lockdown eases but more for me so that my parents can come and help me out . It’s so damn tough .

jess1981 in reply to tiger-cub

Newborns are very hard work constant non stop - I only had 1 & I was exhausted by her! My hat goes off to you are super mum! It will get easier & by about 6 months you’ll start to get into a routine, it’s very hard to establish a routine when babies are demand fed. As they get older they’ll be so incredibly close & will play & entertain each other 😍 they’ll be so bonded. Restrictions are being lifted so I’m sure we’ll soon be able to mix more. I felt sad Francesca couldn’t see her grandparents during lockdown she missed them & vice versa. Prior to lockdown she saw them every week. Grandparents have an important role 🙂 xxx

Congratulations! Sounds like you’ve been through a lot. Twins are hard work but so worth it x

tiger-cub in reply to Lowamh

Thanks Hun .

Congratulations 🎈!! I came on this site to get some positive stories and to see this is definitely wonderful news. Wishing you all the best.

tiger-cub in reply to C_271

Thanks Hun

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