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*sensitive - birth announcement*


Hi everyone!

I seriously can’t believe I’m finally able to write this post after 6 years of ttc, 3 surgeries, 3 rounds of ivf, 8 embryo transfers and a miscarriage - but I’ve finally gone and done it!

I’m at home with my baby in my arms writing this post with tears in my eyes - tears of happiness for my miracle and tears of gratitude and empathy for everyone on this forum who has supported me emotionally on my journey, educated me on ivf, and is still going strong on their own journey.

Ladies on here posting about their babies seemed like ‘other people’, lucky people, people that weren’t me...yet here I now am, one of those lucky people. So it can happen to YOU too. Please don’t give up, please keep a positive mindset, please keep telling yourself it will happen, please be your own cheerleader.

Here is Fabian Jude Ashton.

He was born Monday 24th Feb weighing 7lbs 15oz and he is unbelievably perfect and we are so in love xxxxxxx

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Scarlett, so so so happy for you

Congratulations on you gorgeous little boy.

All the best for your new mummy life 🥰😍

Congratulations! What a beautiful post. Enjoy your gorgeous little boy ♥️ xxx

Oh, the little omelette is here - so gorgeous, I'm over the moon for you xxx


Congratulations on the nappy news!

Aw what wonderful news! And such a lovely post. Really so happy for you. Enjoy every second of your miracle babe xxx

What a joy to read this. Enjoy every moment mama, you have come such a long way and this is your destiny ❤️ Congratulations your baby boy is a dream xxxx

A massive congratulations!! Such a long journey to get to your little boy but he sounds like he was worth the wait. Enjoy these special early days and all that is to come!! Xx

Congratulations! Such great news. Enjoy every moment xx

Omg he is gorgeous 🥰

Massive congratulations hun 💙❤️xxx

Awww was waiting for this and was hoping all went well. Congratulations Scarlett 💐 He’s beautiful and all yours...x

Congratulations this is amazing news. I'm so happy for you and enjoy every minute (although it's okay not to enjoy every minute!) Such a lovely name too, I love it xx

He is adorable! Wishing you all the best! Enjoy this magical moment x

Love love LOVE this! Have been waiting for this post! What a beauty, me and Ollie cannot wait to meet you Fabian ❤️

Huge congratulations to you both and so much love xxx

Congratulations!!!! I’m so delighted for you and know just how much it must mean after what you’ve been through!! I’m on the journey and never thought I’d get there either!! ❤️👍 thank you for a wonderful post which is so full of gratitude too!!xx


Massive congratulations on your little beaut! He’s gorgeous. So pleased for u xx

Massive congratulations!

He is adorable!!!

Ah congrats Scarlett!! He is gorgeous x x hope you're doing well x x

I logged in tonight just to see your happy news! Brilliant. I’m so pleased for you!

I still cry now over finally being a Mummy. I still have “pinch me” moments so you’ll be like it for a long while to come and with your hormones raging too you’ll be in overdrive! Being a parent is hard work, especially in the early days but enjoy it all, even the sleep deprivation! It goes so quickly xx

Aww congratulations hunni, so super happy for you 🥰. Welcome to the world Fabian xx

Wow he is beautiful ☆☆☆ Huge CONGRATULATIONS, what a lovely inspiring post ♥️💫♥️

Congratulations!! I’m

So happy for you

Congratulations. He’s such a cutie 😍

Congratulations Scarlett!

Gorgeous boy xx well done mummy and many congratulations to you, enjoy every minute xxx

Congratulations Scarlett! He is absolutely beautiful and what a cool name! You deserve this happiness with the journey you've had. You are proof that perseverance and self belief can get you your goal. Truly inspirational. Wishing you a blessed journey in motherhood. ❤🤗🎉🍾👍👌🙏

Congratulations: so good to see more positive stories xxx

Congratulations x enjoy your little boy

Oh look at this little mr handsome! So so happy for you, a huge congratulations. Enjoy being a little family!

Oh Scarlett I am so pleased for you, he is gorgeous and look.at those cheeks,huge. Congratulations :-)

Thankyou for giving me hope,I have been following your posts since I joined this forum 2 years ago,just gearing up for our 7th transfer and having my progesterone tweeked this time thanks to the advice of you and Cinderella so hopefully that will make a difference.

Enjoy every moment of being a mommy xxx

I have everything crossed for you, progesterone is a game changer. Come on lucky number 7 xxxx

Congratulations x

I was just checking up on your posts yesterday and wondering if the little one was here. Huge congratulations!! Xxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙

Hooray!! Massive congratulations to you. I am so happy for you! Must be the most amazing feeling to have you beautiful boy here in your arms finally. Enjoy every minute of it, you deserve this xxx🙌🏻💓

Wow! He is perfect! Congratulations! And thank you for your message - so lovely and so positive! We’ll find you & enjoy every second of motherhood - you deserve it! 🎉💕🌈💐Xxx

What lovely words and massive congratulations, so happy for you. I am 35wks and 4days pregnant now and can 100% appreciate where you’re coming from.

Good luck ladies, stay strong and don’t give up hope! X

Aw is gorgeous! Congratulations!!! Enjoy every minutes with him xx

Congratulations and all the best to the both of you! 🥰

Congratulations for your well deserved joy. You are such an inspiration and thanks for sharing your journey on here x

Congrats! He is so cute! Thanks for giving me hope during this journey! X

Congrats💜💜 for your little bundle of joy.

What Journey! It's all worth it blue your gorgeous son is here! Well done! 💓

Congratulations on your lovely boy. Well done ❤

Congratulations Scarlett, what a lovely post. And a lovely baby.hope you are both well.

Congrats ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations, he is adorable!

Masses and masses of congratulations Scarlett I am so happy for you and he looks just perfect xx

I’m so excited to be reading this- you’ve had such a long & tough journey but you didn’t give up & here you are with your adorable little boy 💙 Huge congratulations. Enjoy your lovely family unit. xxx

Scarlett, you have been on this forum for as long as I can remember and I have been reading your posts during your journey. I am so happy for you and so hopeful that my journey will end the same way.

I think this journey makes us appreciate our miracles so much more. Enjoy your family Scarlett. You have a whole new journey. Xx

Congrats on baby Fabian he’s so gorgeous. You must be over the moon xxx

Congratulations hun 💙💙💙what’s a news! Very cute baby 🥰

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful boy. I hope you are both well xx

Congratulations 🥳 xxxxxxx

So, so, so happy for you. You deserve this. Enjoy every minute!

So so happy for you amazing news xxx yay

Aww I’m so glad you became a mummy as I know the pain of the journey , big congratulations xxxx

Congratulations so happy for you. You have definatly given me hope. Hopefully going for my 4th round soon praying it all works out.

But its amazing after such a long time. May he bring loads of happiness and joy.....

Oh my what an absolute cutie, congratulations I’m so happy for you 🥰xx

Awww what a lovely post! Huge congratulations!! So pleased that you finally have your little boy safely in your arms after such a long and difficult journey ❤️ Xxxx

Congratulations Scarlett x He is perfect 👌 All the best for you and your family x

He is gorgeous scarlett!! Congratulations and enjoy him. Thank you for your kind encouragement too. Xxx

Congratulations Scarlett 🥰just gorgeous! Enjoy your beautiful boy 💙

Awww look at that wee face!!😍🥰 He's gorgeous Scarlett!! Lucky to have a mummy & daddy like you that never gave up!! Wishing you all the best as a wee family. Hope you're recovering well, hug to you and a gentle hug for the wee man!!💙xx

Congrats 😍 xx

Absolutely over the moon for you Scarlett. What a journey, what a warrior. Enjoy every minute of your gorgeous boy ❤️ xx

He is beautiful. Congratulations ❤️❤️

Amazing news and so lovely to have some positivity! Congratulations! I'm sure you're enjoying every second xxx

Congratulations, he is a lovely. Can’t believe how quick it has gone from when you mentioned your treatment had worked to now having your baby. Enjoy being a mummy xx

Huge congratulations, he's gorgeous xx

Congratulations❤️❤️❤️What a beutifull news🌻🌼🥰

What a gorgeous wee man! So happy for you!

Ah! Congratulations! Enjoy every moment.xxx

Oh so so thrilled to see your news, he is absolutely beautiful , and what a gorgeous name, enjoy every precious minute xxx

Congrats great to hear a positive story....enjoy xxx

So so happy for you 😘 He is gorgeous. Huge congratulations x x x

Congratulations such lovely lovely news!! So happy for you and what a gorgeous photo xx

Yay that amazon. Congratulations hun. Well deserved xx

Omg scarlett!!! What wonderful news!

I had no idea you had even had a BFP after and just managed to come across this by accident

I'm so so happy for you! Looking back at your posts it seems progesterone support really was the key?

I'm glad I kept banging on about progesterone levels last year - it is so so key and so poorly understood by clinics it's frankly disgusting - why haven't they figured this stuff out when it's so easy(& cheap!) To measure and correct.

Your little one looks gorgeously healthy, so happy for you and just what I needed before we start ivf again - a sprinkle of hope xx

in reply to Saya85

Thank you so much xxxx so glad you’re going again, good luck! Progesterone was totally the game changer for me for sure and I agree that clinics should be testing everyone and be right on it! Hope to see your happy news soon xxx

Huge congratulations, he’s gorgeous, lovely news 💕xxx

Congratulations lovely, what a beaut 💙x

Awww he’s gorgeous!!!! Many many congrats to you xxx

Absolutely delighted for you 💕 congratulations to you both! So very pleased for you! Hugs 🤗 xx

Congratulations lovely I'm so happy for you, he is absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story 💙💙

Congratulations 💙 what a georgous wee man xx

OMG!!!! What a little beauty!!!!!! Delighted for you and what a beautiful ending to a long and tough journey. Enjoy every minute xxxxx

Wonderful news!! Congratulations to you. What a beauty he is :)

Congratulations 😘🎉🎉🎉🎉💐💐💐💐🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Congratulations lovely!! 🎉🎉🎉

Fabian is absolutely beautiful - you can tell he’s going to be quite a character!! 😍😀

I’m so, so happy your journey has brought you to this amazing point. I won’t say it’s the end, more like just the beautiful beginning.

Congratulations again 💕😘

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful boy! Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey with us!

I had my son I conceived through IVF in October. Being a mum is a true joy, but can also be very stressful. After my challenging postpartum experience, I was inspired to find a way for others who had experienced infertility and pregnancy loss to connect and continue to support each other in our journeys to motherhood. Now I'm the new ambassador for the community healthunlocked.com/baby-and-us

If this sounds like something you'd be interested it, we'd love for you to check it out. Xx

Congratulations! Such a cutie xx

Congrats 😍 he’s beautiful xxx

Oh wow look at those cheeks .

He’s gorgeous 😍😘


So inspirational x

Congratulations on your son’s arrival and on being so brave during this long journey xx

Congratulations!! You deserve this! Enjoy your time with your precious new family xx

Great news Scarlett! He's a beaut! Enjoy every minute!!😍😍😍

Congratulations 🎊🎉👏🏻🍾 so very pleased, you so deserve this😘🥰 and I am sure I am not alone in saying that you have been a huge support to many people on here and your positivity through your tough journey has been inspirational. Wishing you all the best for your life as a Mummy xx

in reply to Coral76

Thanks so much for your lovely kind words xxx

Awww congratulations what a beauty!

Thank you for taking the time to let us know not to give up. I hope I can be lucky too. ❤

Congratulations Scarlett13 . What a joy holding him in your hands. Thank you for the inspiring post and the support you offer this community.

in reply to Purplis

Thank you so much for your lovely words xxx

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