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Bleed after failed ivf


Hi ladies. For any of you that have had a failed cycle, how long does it take for period to show up? I tested bfn on Saturday past,14dpt, after our first cycle of ivf. I’ve had no bleeding or anything g yet and wondered how long it takes roughly to go back to “normal”


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Sorry about how it turned out, my clinic said 2-7 days and if after 7 it hasn’t returned to take another pregnancy test, mine came back after 4 days 😔 hope your keeping well after the tough news xx

Hi sorry for you. My clinic told me I won’t be bleeding even if it’s negative due to the progesterone I’m taking.

This is my first ivf. I’ve had my 5 day embryo transfer on the 24th of this month. I’m 9 days post transfer. Last Saturday( 4 days post transfer ) my boobs stopped beeing sore. I’ve had a bad low back pain the day after ( Sunday 5 days post transfer ). I’ve had my home test yesterday and it was negative. Yesterday night I had very bad cramps and back pain. I’m so worried. Did you experienced Any of these symptoms .

Im so sorry Gena😢. Are you on progesterone? I started bleeding 2nd day after stopping progesterone. 😘

I stopped my progesterone on sat morning. Still no bleed so that was 5days ago.

Bebicel I had some cramping and sharper pains around day 6/7 post 3 day transfer, then cramping and spotting on day 8/9. Then nothing at all from then onwards. I was taking the progesterone pessary twice a day until sat when I got my negative result.

I have everything crossed for yours to be a positive result!

So sorry to hear! 😔 I stopped my progesterone on Sunday, and I already started AF yesterday. It might take another few days as far as I was told by my clinic. Up to 7 or 8 days possibly I think they told me xxxx

I got failed ivf December last year and my period started 3 days after

So 7 days later and still no sign of AF. I only did the test that the clinic gave me last week. When it was negative I didn’t do any more. Now I’m wondering is it still possible? Could it have been a false negative? 🙈 Not getting my hopes up but Should I take another test?

Daisy1245 in reply to Genabella

Nothing to lose!

Coles2020 in reply to Genabella

So it xx

Coles2020 in reply to Coles2020

Sorry do it xx

Has taken me 4 days this cycle but I know it can be up to 7 days x

forgot to reply on here. Negative test one week after official test day. I’m now 23 days past official test day when I got my bfn, and still no period!

Chel91 in reply to Genabella

Maybe they can check your hormones via blood test to see what is going on? Did you take any more tests? xx

Not since the test a week later. Think I’ll call the clinic today

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