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Transferring one or two frozen embryos?

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Hi lovely ladies,

This morning I had an appointment with my consultant regarding my second FET and was advised to transfer two blastocysts as opposed to one this time. I am over 40 and am in two minds as to whether I should transfer one or two embryos. Would double embryo transfers increased chances of pregnancies? Has anyone had similar experiences and had double embryo transfers? Your feedback is much appreciated! X

40 Replies
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Hey lovely.

I’d be interested on feedback as I’m hoping to transfer two - will know more this afternoon.

My gynaecologist advised me to do this if transferring one failed when I was 39 (actually ended up being on my 40th birthday) and advised which to put in together. xxx

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Thanks! I also transferred one embryo and didn't stick. Best of luck with your cycle. Please let me know how it goes. Xxx

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So I’m none the wiser really! They really detailed the risks to me and it’s made me worry but then I suppose they have to!

I am going to see if my day 3 embryo gets to blastocyst once thawed & depending what grade it is, make a decision then.

I would like to know exactly what I’m doing but unfortunately they didn’t follow my instruction on my previous transfer to thaw the day 3 first which is so frustrating 😩 as I wont know what I have there until the day!

Let me know when you decide ☺️xxx

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Hi, thqanks for your prompt reply! I totally understand how you are feeling. Hope you get positive news! I will keep you posted. Let's keep in touch! Xxx

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Thanks lovely. When are you looking at doing your transfer? Wishing you all the luck & yes will definitely stay in touch - it will be decision time for me next week 🙈xxx

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Hi hun, I am hoping to get a medicated transfer done in early April. I am sure you would make the best decision next week. When will you do your transfer next week? Best of luck! Xxx

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Thank you. Yes hopefully if all ok on my scan tomorrow it will be next week as mines a natural transfer.

Also hun, the consultant mentioned to me about taking prednisolone which is used when you’ve had more than one failed transfer or miscarriages - I’ve had 1 failed transfer & 2 mcs but said it was up to me so Im going to take that - maybe look in to it? Xxx

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Thanks for the great tips, Hun. Good luck with your scan today. I am having a mock transfer tomorrow. Keep in touch! X

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Thanks lovely. All went well, just need my surge now and can book in transfer :) Let me know how your mock goes - what does that involve? xxx

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Thanks, Hun. I need to do a mock transfer as last time my transfer was difficult. Still need to have a full bladder tmr and will keep you posted! Hope you get your transfer done soon! Xxx

Hello dreambaby, I think listening to your consultant's advise is the best since they know better, although you should also consider what you think is best for you.

I am 33 years old, transferred 2 embryos of the same grade and only one stuck. I am happy I transferred two because it eventually increased my odds of getting at least one. If you don't mind having twins and your doctor support it, you should go for it.

PS: There are cases where two was transferred and non stuck, this happened to my surrogate who is even younger than me. There are other factors involved, best to have more discussions with your consultant.

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Thanks for sharing your positive experience with me. I am sorry to hear your surrogate didn't get a positive outcome. I am so glad to know you are pregnant. Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy! X

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Hi lovely, I transferred 2 when I was 31, both top grade blasts and only 1 stuck for me. At the time I'd have been happy to have twins but now I've been through the pregnancy and my beautiful boy is here I must admit the idea of twins is very overwhelming! Pregnancy is really hard even with one baby. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do x

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Thanks for your helpful feedback! Congratulations on having a beautiful boy!You have totally spoken my mind. I find the idea of having twins a bit daunting! Thanks again! Xx

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My sister was 38 and had 2 embryos. Both of them implanted but she lost one at 7 weeks. The other is my neice. Who knows what is the best route. I always said I would take the embryologist advice. Xxx

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Hey,this happened to me. We put back 2 and they both took but sadly lost one baby at 24 weeks. But I have one healthy 7 months old baby sleeping next to me now :)

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Thanks for sharing your story with me. Sorry to hear you lost one of the babies at 6 months. That was so sad. But It is so good to know the other one is now with you! All the best! X

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I am the same as L400ynd / my sister was also 38 when she had 2 transferred and she lost one at 8 weeks but the other is my nephew!

I am a less good news story, I have had a 3 embryo transfer BFN, a 2 embryo chemical, a 3 embryo BFP but singleton pregnancy which sadly I lost at 9 1/2 weeks and I am currently in 2ww of 4th round which was 2 embryos. 10 embryos in total so far!

I am sure you will have heaps more luck especially As I was fresh each round not frozen .. but I always want to flag this as I often see people worrying about multiples if they transfer two or more and I think this is a lot less common than a singleton pregnancy - but my clinic say being over 40 (I am 43 this week) they always recommend transferring more than one

Heaps of luck xx

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Thanks for sharing your story with me and your positive vibes. My consultant has said it is very unusual for women over 40's to have twins after two embryos transferred.

You have done so well! How are you feeling during your TWW? I really hope you get your BFP this cycle! XX

Thanks for sharing your sister's story. Sorry to hear your sister lost one baby but it is great the other one is your niece! Lots of baby dust to you! XxX

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Hello! I ve just had 2 embryos transferred today and 2 at my last FET. The first time I did 1 but both rounds failed. It’s really hard to know what to do, I just wanted to increase my chances of pregnancy and I suppose prepared for twins if that was the case.

My clinic were on the fence as I’m 33 but said ultimately it was up to me!

Now for the 2WW 🙏

Good luck! X

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Hi thanks for sharing your experience with me. Like you, I had a single embryo transfer last time and didn't take. Well done on getting the transfer done today! Sending you lots of baby dust! Xx

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Hi, I’ve had 5 transfers, 1st - transferred 1 ended in mmc. 2nd and 3rd transferred 2 both BFN. 4th transferred 1 ended in mmc and 5th transferred 1 - I now have a beautiful baby boy.

I guess you have to go with your gut instinct, good luck whatever you decide x

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Thanks for sharing your story with me! Sorry to hear you had two MMCs before giving birth to a boy! You are a warrior! Thanks! X

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Sorry to intrude .. can I ask what you done differently on the round you had your boy? Xx

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No probs, erm I had a natural FET compared to the 2 medicated ones that were both BFN and 2 fresh ended in mmc. I did still take cycologest though, I also took metformin and aspirin (although I’d taken this during my cycle before). Tbh I went into that cycle already defeated but I did do acupuncture all the way through to. Any questions just message me x

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Thanks for sharing your great tips. Why did you take Metformin and aspirin if you don't mind me asking?

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I took metformin because I have PCOS and tbh it was a case of trying something I hadn’t before, I started it around 6 months before my transfer though. I took aspirin because I’d read it can increase blood flow to the uterus, each clinic has different opinions on this. I also took prednisolone as I read a lot about NK cells and with my history was keen to try it but that’s something you would have to discuss with your consultant as you’d need specific doses x

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Thanks for detailed information. Sending you lots of baby dust. Xx

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Hi Dreambaby,

I’ve had four transfers, first three were all double embryos. All failed (one MC and two BFN).

My fourth was a single embryo transfer and I’m currently 10 weeks.

It’s hard to know what to do for the best as there is such conflicting information out there! Whatever you decide will be the right decision for you xxx

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Thanks, KiboXx. Yes, you were right in saying it is a difficult decision to make due to the conflicting information!

Sorry to hear you had a MC before getting pregnant. Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy. Xxx

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Wishing you all the luck in the world and go by the advice of your consultant I would say xx I’m waiting to speak to mine as we will be going through our third round but first time it will be frozen so I’m none the wiser xx 🥰🥰🥰

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Thanks for your good vibes! I also wish you the best of luck with your next cycle! Hope it would be a success for you! X

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I transferred one and it didn't stick. I transferred two in November and they both stuck. Now, I'm only 29.. but I think it just depends on the embryo and your body. My first one was pretty much the best quality you could have and it didn't take. I would do two if I were you.

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Thanks for sharing your positive story with you! Congrats! I am happy for you! All the best with your pregnancy!

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I’m currently having the same dilemma.

I had egg collection on Sunday, 9 have fertilised so now it’s just the waiting game before transfer on Friday. I’m 39, I had 2 miscarriages last year. Both single transfers and I’m now thinking If I have 2 good quality embryos should I transfer them both.

It’s so hard knowing what to do for the best 🤔 xx

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Thanks for sharing your experience. You have done so well! Sorry to hear about your miscarriages. Would you consider transferring two? It is really hard to know what it is the best for us. Best of luck and I hope you get your bfp this cycle. X

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Hey Dreambaby. I’m awaiting Aunt Flo to start my first IVF cycle, but I’ve given this a lot of thought.

For me, if I am lucky enough to actually get 2 embabies (with an AMH of 0.44 & AFC of 2) to a transferable state and neither is freezable then I’ll have both put back.

If one is freezable then I’ll have the non-freezable one put back first.

That’s my plan anyway, although my clinic may think differently.

Hope that’s useful xx

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I think your idea is great! Hope you get lots of embryos during your first cycle. Best of luck! X

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Thanks Dreambaby. Good luck to you too xx

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