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First time posting-need some positivity


Hi everyone!

I am new to this site and it's my first time posting. I had a FET on the 25th of this month and found out yesterday that my beta is negative. I feel gutted and like it's never going to work. Plus we transferred two embryos which hurts even more. I only had a lining of 6.4mm but my doctor seemed positive that it would be okay! I am frustrated and dont know what to do moving forward.

Our TTC journey started with an ectopic, followed by a mmc at 12 weeks which ended up being a partial molar pregnancy, then followed by another mmc at 8 weeks and a chemical pregnancy sometime in between. I was then diagnosed with ashermans after the second mmc and had a surgery to remove it and now my lining is thin. I just feel like there is no hope anymore and i have absolutely no idea how to move on.

You ladies are so incredibly kind to each other and I am glad to belong to a group like this. It helps to share my story. Thanks for listening and for any words of advice.

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Sorry dear! What a journey you had... I wish I could tell you something to help... it’s really heartbreaking.

Just look after yourself and remember you are not alone. Fertility road has been very unkind to us too... and mmc is the worst experience of my life.

Sending you lots of love xx

Sorry to hear about your story, my love. Tough tough journey. Let yourself ride out the grief. a negative result is hard to go through. Be kind to yourself and you'll know when the right time to move forward and what the right direction is. Unfortunately, I have no specific advice on hope or how to move forward. I feel like I've been stuck in a negative limbo land for a very long time.


Hi Sloop. So sorry to hear this, and can fully understand your frustrations. Just wanted to say that I have a list of questions I could email you in confidence if you want. Most won't be appropriate, but there may be a few you can use when you see your specialist again. You will need to email me at and I will send them. Meanwhile the lovely members here will surround you with support, I know. Thinking of you. Diane

Hey there....I'm so sorry to read your post - you've had a really hard road with lots of joy and then disappointments and I really feel for you. I don't have much advice but all I know is that it's important to acknowledge how unfair it all is and grieve. Be kind to yourself, give yourself time and love your partner. Last year I had 4 transfers and 2 early miscarraiges and the only way I consoled myself was to acknowledge what a wonderful partner I had - he showed his love and care for me in spades during those times and made me love him even more. That's the only way I got through it was to look for something good in it all.

I'm sending you love and strength and I wish you the very best during this tough time.


Sending hugs and love to you. 🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤ whats comforting is the ladies here can relate through shared experiences. Thats what got me here after feeling soo much overwhelmed and alone. Wishing you the very best. Xx

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