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Laparoscopy recovery


Hello all!

I had a laparoscopy 7 days ago. Every online article says I should be better within a few days?! Well personally I feel awful.

I had diagnostic laparoscopy, dye test, ovarian drilling.

I have had an array of 'problems' over that last few days, horrific anxiety, twitches in my legs, tugging and pulling in my stomach, sharp pains in my belly button, hot flushes, on off sore dry throat, cold feet, period pains, I get dizzy if I stand up for longer than 15 minutes!!

I just want to take a bath! I feel like I'm going out my mind!

Can someone please tell me this is normal? Also for this who had ovarian drilling to help you conceive did it work?

Thanks everyone!

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So sorry you are going through this. When I had my laparoscopy to treat endometriosis, I expected to get better after a week, but nope! I felt awful, and was bed-bound for 2 weeks straight. On the 3rd week I was able to get about, but I still felt out of it. It took a month to properly recover from surgery, but externally my pain continued and healing process took about 2 months. After that my pain subsided and I felt much better.

I think it all depends on how much work they’ve done inside. Although outwardly it seems like small surgery because there’s just a few small incisions, but internally you’ve gone through major surgery, so you’re definitely going to feel the effects more if more poking and prodding is done.

Wishing you all the best, and hope you’re feeling better soon x

When I had mine I was off work for a full 3 weeks and even after this was not great. I spent most of that time on the sofa. However my stitches had become infected and I had to try several different types of antibiotics in order to clear the infection. I actually could not stand up straight immediately following the surgery until maybe the end of week 3 - all fine now though (although the largest incision is incredibly indented).

Hope that helps it will get better!

Hello lovely,

I’ve had three lap’s. My first two I was back to work after two weeks! However my last one has knocked me for six. Had the op on 11th Dec but still getting pain & twinges. Also I’m still utterly exhausted!

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Xx

Certainly take your recovery at your own pace, I rested and stayed close to the house for at least two weeks and pretty sure it was three weeks before I drove. My hospital said I could shower everyday and change my dressing and my scars healed really well with no infection.

Everyone is different. I had prostrap injections for three months following a laparoscopy and removal of a tube and then successful IVF and my 12 week scan is today!

Sorry to hear you're feeling this awful. Everyone is different and recovers at a different rate. What is ovarian drilling!?! The word "drilling" sounds scary! I imagine if any part of my body had been "drilled" it would take me more than a couple of days to recover! If you're worried about your symptoms, though, definitely give your clinic or your GP a call.

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