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Egg collection is Monday


Well ladies I’ve finally got here! After 3 abandoned rounds egg collection should be Monday! My body obviously still wanted to throw me a curve ball so I’ve overstimulated my oestrogen was 9000 and I have about 30 measurable follicles so it will more than likely be a freeze all cycle. I’m totally ok with that just feel so lucky to have finally got to egg collection! All of my nurses were obviously feeling the same as there was lots of cuddles and celebrating this morning after my scan. Im to go for bloods tomorrow just to monitor my oestrogen level and get a time for my buserelin trigger.

I’m obviously no where near home and dry but this is the furthest I’ve gotten along this journey in almost 3 years.

Thank you all for your advice along the way!!


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Oh I’m so happy for you! Wishing you all the luck for Monday xx

EmGLA in reply to Solly-44

Thank you!!

Well done on getting this far! Best of luck for Monday.

EmGLA in reply to ttcemmie

Thank you!! I’m pretty knackered so lots of rest definitely xx

Wow this cycle looks promising! Hoping you can take it easy and rest over the weekend to get you ready for Monday. Good luck xx

Yippppeeee EmGLA! This is fabulous news, Im so flipping pleased for you! Big smile on my face to see your update! Hope all goes well.xx

EmGLA in reply to Cinderella5

Awww thanks!! I know I can’t believe I’m finally here

Cinderella5 in reply to EmGLA

Ha ha ha big hurdle to get over for you that's for sure! Let us know how you get on...will be keeping my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.xx

Congratulations are very much in place. I've learnt on this forum that every milestone should be celebrated.

All the best for Monday 💖

Best news ever 👌🏻🤩🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

EmGLA in reply to RhinoCat

Haha i know 🙈thanks so much!

Fab news! Fingers crossed for your collection 🤞🏻♥️

EmGLA in reply to KiboXX

Thank you

This is a victory and you must celebrate.

Just got my oestrogen back 2900, so joining you for egg collection on Monday. You might be in for alot longer than me though!

EmGLA in reply to emmab178

Woooo Emma that’s wonderful news!! The Emma luck is holding! As long as I get some embryos to day 5 to freeze I don’t mind! My clinic only does ICSI what does your clinic do? Xx

emmab178 in reply to EmGLA

We are icsi only. We were advised icsi last time since mr Emma's swimmers were not fantastic. We got 100% fertilised (our 3 musketeers that then turned into zippy George and bungle).

This time his swimmers have improved (probably because i scream at him if he sits with his laptop on his lap and frying them!) But we've been advised icsi again. Happy with that as i won't have a brood of eggs and want as high fertilisation as possible.

EmGLA in reply to emmab178

Haha same again it’s like we’re twins ha! That’s an amazing fertilisation record. My Mr Emma hasn’t had his sperm tested since July 2018 so hoping it’s similar to then. I’m exactly the same with the laptop and I’ve banned him from the heated seats in his car ha! I’ve actually still got a background worry that I might have empty follicle syndrome. Also love the Rainbow references!! Ha

emmab178 in reply to EmGLA

Only positive thinking now please. All that oestrogen, must be eggs in there x

This is amazing news! So pleased for you and best of luck for Monday!xx

Fab news! 😊🙌 lots of luck xx

Hope all goes as planned for you in Monday! X

Oh this is great news!!! So glad that everything is going well - amazing 🥳 wishing you lots of luck for Monday. Will keep an eye out in case you post us a wee update on how it goes xx

EmGLA in reply to LizzieBW

Thanks I’ll definitely try and update! Xx

Aww this is such great news! Lots of luck for Monday lovely xxxx

EmGLA in reply to Picalilli99


This is fantastic news! I’m so happy for you. Another step climbed on this journey. Xx


Fabulous news 😊 wishing you loads of luck for Monday🤞🏼xx

EmGLA in reply to Lavender96

Thank you! Xx

Wishing you all the best for Monday and the rest of the journey xxx

Well done to finally making it a step further. Good luck for Monday x

Best of luck for Monday hun!!! Plenty of tlc and rest over the weekend

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