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Just had egg collection


Hi guys so I’ve just had my eggs collected. I’ve had five taken. I’m so over the moon. A much better chance this time. As last time I had one. Obviously I’m still a little hesitant but just so happy I’ve got five, considering I was told that I have low egg count. To be told I’ve got five good eggs out of nine is just so good to hear.

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Amazing result! That’s exactly what happened with my first and second round! Well done and Good luck xx

That’s a fantastic result!

Hello Kelz, That's fantastic news. Fingers crossed and take care for yourself.

Great news! Hope you’re recovering well from collection. Look after yourself x

I'm so pleased for you!! Hope you're not feeling too bad after collection xxx

Excellent news! Good luck xx

Hi ladies. Thank you for your positive words. I’m feeling ok. Fell asleep on the tube home. Can’t wait to have a cuppa and some chocolate cake. Anyone else felt really thirsty or is it just me? Xx

Kitcat12 in reply to Kelz84

I was super thirsty as well, plenty of water and relax tonight x

Fantastic news 🤗💕xxx

That's good news, well done!! Fingers crossed for a better outcome this time for you.xx

Oh wow. I just posted on your other post to say good luck! 5 is amazing. Well done and good luck for the rest of the process xx

Great news 🙌🏻 Pleased for you xx

That’s great! Fab news 💕 xx

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