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Natural or Medication for FET?


I had my follow up today since my failed ET and was asked to decide if I want to have my FET whilst taking medication or to do it all natural.. they said the success rates are the same. I spoke to two Drs and one recommend natural the other recommend taking medication.

What do you guys think? I have no idea which route to take.. I dont mind either way just want the best chance ♥️

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Hiya, Ive just done my first natural FET. I was given letrozole to make me ovulate and then had a transfer 6 days after ovulation. Ive found it a lot easier than a medicated FET and not felt as awful. I dont know if its worked yet and ultimately its your choice but if i had the option again id stick with natural x

Littlepeax in reply to Mrsti

Thank you for your reply.. good luck to you ♥️

To provide a contrast to Mrsti, I just thought I’d say that I had a medicated FET and there wasn’t really too many drugs involved. 1 injection, then just estrogen tablets and pessaries. Although i have had to stay on these for 12 weeks, it’s been reassuring to have the extra progesterone support x

Littlepeax in reply to Kyell2

Thanks so much Kyell2, congrats to you! Amazing ♥️

Hi . I had fresh cycle this feb unfortunately didn’t work so in August I had natural frozen cycle and two embryos was transferred. Again didn’t work so now we have last two embies in freezer . After doctor consultation she advised base on what we went through with two unsuccessful cycles to take time “off” do what I wanna do and start “fresh” in new year coming. She also recommended to transfer one embryo and try medicated cycle. Xx

Good to know, thanks so much for your reply xx

I’m just in the 2ww after a natural cycle, just using progesterone. It’s been so great and easy not having many hormones I’d really recommend it.

Aww good luck to you, hope all goes well ♥️ thanks for your reply

I did 2 medicated FETs - still had to down reg, both of them were unsuccessful.

I did a natural FET, still took cycologest and prednisolone but found the whole cycle a lot easier and now have a 6 month old baby as a result. Good luck on whichever you decide x

Littlepeax in reply to E_05

Oh interesting, that's good to know. The dr said same success rate but surely one is higher lol! Thanks so much for your reply ♥️

E_05 in reply to Littlepeax

My consultant told me a natural FET had a higher success rate as it’s meant to be as close as possible to your body doing it but I do believe a lot of it is down to luck x

I had this question myself recently. Since my cycle works fine naturally I do a natural + trigger then use progesterone afterwards.

It is less easy to plan ahead in that you have to go in for more scans to determine lining thickness and ovulation but it's nice not having extra medication in the lead up. I prefer trigger to ovulate though as it helps pin point things easier.

My only transfer was a few weeks back with pgs normal blastocyst during a natural + trigger + progesterone FET. It ended in a chemical.

My Dr decided to do an ERA and it came back that we needed to transfer 12 hours later than normal. So I recommend doing an ERA first then you can transfer when you have the correct window pin pointed...

I've also found rarer blood clotting issues so I'll be trying clexane this cycle too. Although deep down I fear it's more serious and I might have to do LIT if this next transfer fails too :-(

Best of luck with your decision🍀

Thanks so much fingerscrossed, so sorry to hear about your chemical.. hope you're ok. ♥️ thanks for your kind help x

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