Natural FET needed!

Hi Ladies, hoping some of you can advise!

If I want to do a natural FET with oestrogen added in what is the plan? I had one over a year ago but can't remember if I started oestrogen tablets on day 1 or 4, but know I had to do ovulation tests do don't even know if I did take oestrogen that cycle! It's all blurred into one!

So if anyone's doing a natural FET cycle please can you advise if you used oestrogen tablets/patches and what day you started them on? As want to be able to advise the consultant when I have my follow up as feel a natural cycle works best with my body!

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  • Hi, I've just done a natural fet , just tracked ovulation. Didn't take any medication and got a BFP! X

  • That's amazing! Huge congrats!! I have lining issues so not sure wether they'll add in oestrogen or not. Did they scan you to check your lining thickness? x

  • I didn’t have scan either! I had doubts it would work ! Obviously for you if they recommend the osteogen and a scan then would do that! X

  • Just about to start natural fet and no drugs needed at all. Like gem said it just tracking when I ovulate and then they transfer Could be diff for diff situations though 🤔. Good luck with yours ☺️

  • I did fully natural FET. Had to do ovulation tests, and when I had peaked I went in 5 days later for transfer. They checked my lining in day of transfer. I got a bfp and am 27+3.

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks ladies for the replies, I've been told now I will need to be medicated due to my low oestrogen levels x

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