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We’re coming up to our first IVF cycle - starting meds later this month. I’d like to give acupuncture a try having never done it before. When is the best time to do this? I’ve heard around transfer time but does this mean on the same day? Or a few days before and/or after? Also would it be recommended to have a session or two before the transfer period so I know what to expect?

Finally what can we expect the cost to be?

Thanks in advance.

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If you want to affect egg quality as well best time is starting 3 months before your cycle. Otherwise asap really if your cycle is soon. Certainly throughout stims to help support your lining, and then twice on transfer day. I'd contact a fertility acupuncturist now and go from there.

It’s best to speak to a fertility accupuncture specialist as they will advise what’s best for you. If I remember correctly I had a few sessions during stimulation and then on the day of transfer twice (before transfer & after transfer) and then again at implantation (a few days after transfer). Hope this helps, it was at least 5 sessions per cycle which at £55 a session racks up quite quickly! Xx


Hi louisajane. It’s good to encourage good blood supply to the ovaries and womb lining. Hopefully your acupuncturist deals with fertility issues and will advise you accordingly. Prices vary so much, but the bill soon escalated. Good luck and hope it benefits you. Diane

Hiya, I went to a fertility acupuncturist throughout my FET meds’ but was told categorically that she would not do acupuncture following the transfer. I loved acupuncture and I truly believe it helped me. I’m now 28 weeks pregnant after my first IVF attempt. Good luck xxx

I had acupuncture the day before my FET and got my second bfp ❤️ xxx

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