What are everyone's thoughts on acupuncure during treatment? I was thinking of starting this soon as I am currently waiting for approval to come through (hopefully this will be in the next week or so) and have read that it's good to start before actual treatment. I really want to give it a go as heard it increases success rates. Has anyone vouch for this? It's quite expensive but am willing to try anything that will help us!

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  • Hello lianm8,

    I went for acupuncture during our IVF cycle. I have no idea whether it influenced the outcome but we did get a BFP.

    From memory I think I started around the same time I started the meds to down regulate. I went weekly at first but I then had a session the day before ET and one straight after. If you're trying to keep costs down then she said that those two sessions were the most important.

    I found the sessions really relaxing and I often fell asleep so from that perspective alone I felt it was worth it during such a stressful time! It also gave me comfort during the 2ww as I did feel we had done all we could!

    Good luck with your treatment x

  • Hi, would you be able to send me the details of the acupuncturist you went to? thanks emilie

  • Hi. Well, it does seem as if acupuncture can ensure a good blood flow to the womb and endometrial lining, which is what you want. I do hear of more ladies trying it out, especially during the waiting and in between months. Encouraging words from “Hopeful1982”. Always make sure that whoever you choose to go with is a registered practitioner, and good luck! Diane

  • Hi, How do i check if they re a registered practitioner or not?

  • Hi InTheMiddleOfit. If you contact The British Acupuncture Council, they will let you know. Their website is Email: Tel: 0208 735 0400. Diane

  • Thank you DianeArnold

  • My pleasure - and good luck! Diane

  • I went through a failed round of IVF in February/Marchthis year and didn't have acupuncture but then read quite a lot about it so thought it was worth a try this time, even if just to help with the side effects of the drugs.

    Last time I had terrible insomnia with the down regulation and I also suffer with migraines and had a couple of horrendous ones on that round too.

    I started acupuncture around the time I started the down regulation drugs and have been having it once a week since then. Even if it doesn't help make this cycle successful iI have definitely felt a lot better and haven't had the side effects like I did last time. I have loads more energy too.

    But this time I also changed my diet a couple of months before I started treatment so that may also be a factor towards making me feel a bit better.

    I am having a session tomorrow night (the night before my egg collection) then another on Friday before and after my embryo transfer so only time will tell if it has helped me or not.

    It is worth a try though to help with relaxation and the side effects of the drugs if nothing else!

    Good luck x

  • I haven't started treatment yet but hopefully not much longer now. I have started acupuncture though and I love it, it's so relaxing and helps me just gather my thoughts and stay relaxed. The acupuncturist also gives me advice on foods to include and exclude etc x

  • I'm starting acupuncture on Thursday and last week we had a telephone consultation, which she said she can give me some advice on diet as I also have Insulin Resistance x

  • I got a bfp with ivf and accupunture dont know how much it contributed but it helped me relax to which you need to do. I've just started again with my fet cycle.

  • Hi, I had acupuncture during our first round of IVF. I started before my injections and continued right through to test day. I found it really helped manage the symptoms - relieving my headaches and bloatedness, however I did get a BFN and due to the cost of it, I won't be doing it on my second round. Each woman will react differently to different therapies and I always say anything is worth a go once. Good luck xx

  • Hi, I'll be very honest, I don't think acupuncture can help to conceived. It can help to relax, slow down, become calmer and release tension etc, but I don't think it has any other effect on the treatment. I be had my share of acupuncture sessions, the guy was great and I always felt relaxed afterwards, but I don't think I'll go back when I'm doing my second round of IVF. Sorry for the slightly pessimistic view, but after 3 years if trying to conceive (and failing) I start getting a more realistic view.

  • I must agree with you miri-p im on my first go of IVF and having acupuncture and to be honest im not that bothered with it! I am very lucky that I have it paid for through a plan with work so I thought worth it as its free to me and have heard so much, but I must be one of a very few that dont find it relaxing! its ok - it doesnt 'hurt' although sometimes the needles do pinch a bit! but wouldn't feel like i wanted to sleep! I find it more helpful talking to my acupuncturist as she has an IVF child and knows what its all like. she also says I am responding very well to treatment so I will keep going but if I was not going though IVF or money was an issue I wouldn't feel im missing out much from it. unless i get a BFP and i will probably be all for it!!! x

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