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We are having to go down the egg donation route. Will be starting my monitored cycle in a few weeks.

Just wondered if anyone has had acupuncture? I have read a lot about the benefits of having it, but not sure if it will help if we are not using my eggs. Is it worth doing it before my monitored cycle or wait till we are nearer to egg transfer.

There are so many do's and don'ts it hard to know which ones to take on board.🤔

Thank you.x

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Wonderful news that you have been successful.

Don't quite know what to make of it all at the mo. Just trying to go with the flow a bit. Worried about the who process taking over our lives and then it not working. Sorry poring my heart out a bit!!!!

Anyway. Why did you not do acupuncture with donated eggs? If you don't mind me asking. They recommend having it before transfer and after. Conscious of not wasting our money, but also giving it the best chance of success. It feels like a tough balance.

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I just felt if it was going to work it would. We did it abroad and apart from eating well I didn't change anything. Continued my 2 cups of coffee a day and everything. We have 4 frozen embryos left. I had tried clomid for 11 months, 2 IUIs and IVF before moving to donor eggs. I am 42. I figured I had enough of Accupuncture, herbs etc and all that stuff.


I did acupuncture in my recent cycles but this was using my own eggs. It didnt help me to achieve pregnancy but I did think it was a help mentally! However moving on, Im starting DE cycle in the next couple of months and Im not going to bother this time around. I think Ive just gotten to the point that if its meant to be then it will be no to mention all the extra costs on top of my cycle! Best of luck!xx

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I think that's what I'm worried about, wasting money. It's scary spending so much for something that may come to nothing, feels like every penny counts.

Interesting that you will not continue with it. I wish you the best of luck with the next stage.x


One of the main reasons is money for us - as you say every penny counts now but also that we are going abroad for treatment so I wont be able to see the local acupunturist that I use. I also felt that I'll only be on meds for a short time before this time as opposed to weeks previously. It is a balance, I guess you've just got to do what feels right for you, so long as you dont have regrets then thats the main thing!xx

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Thanks lady's. You have put my mind at ease. Think it may be nice to do something for me, to relax but spending the money on acupuncture and all these things isn't necessary.


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