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Help pease! Ladies with experience of chemical pregnancies


Here are my tests at 9dp5dt (OTD) top and 10dp5dt (yesterday) bottom one. Both times the test line appeared before my urine had even made its way across the window and before the control. The second one I think is ever so slightly thinner but probably about as dark. These are darker than my tests at the same time last time I got a BFP (big fat positive (pregnancy test)) but last time at 10dp5dt I had 2-3 weeks on a digital and a confirmed beta of 214. Today I tested on a digital and got 1-2 (although I should caveat that with the fact I was my 4th wee of the day and that morning I’d drunk a cup of tea, a glass of juice and about 1.5 pints of water). What do you make of it? My gut tells me this is the start of a chemical but my DH (dear husband) isn’t so sure he thinks the tests look so strong and almost identical. Honest opinions please I can handle it!

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It’s hard to say to be honest. I wouldn’t let yourself get too stressed out about it but I know that’s easier said than done! I would try again tomorrow but just take comfort in the fact right now you are definately pregnant x

I’ve had the same problem today, I’m 6 weeks today and I tested as I’ve lost all my symptoms and my test looks exactly like your second one. It’s so hard to know what’s going on, where as before this I had lighter control line but dark positives. I keep thinking maybe the test is a bit weaker as the line looks strong but just a few gaps. Xx

Missl73 in reply to Sunshineraye

I'm sorry you find yourself in this position too. I think by 6 weeks your HCG levels are so high HPTs become less reliable anyway. I've decided I think I'll go and get a HCG blood done tomorrow, I wasn't planning to do them this time as I had really high blood results before my last miscarriage so I figured it wouldn't reassure me. However, I'm on the hideous intramuscular progesterone injections so if I am going to miscarry I'd rather know sooner so I can stop those xx

Sunshineraye in reply to Missl73

That’s makes sense hun. I wanted bloods but my clinic wouldn’t do them. After my previous mc I think this would have put my mind more at ease tbh. I was the same as you, if I’m gonna misscarry I would rather know sooner and stop the meds xx

Missl73 in reply to Sunshineraye

Yeah mine doesn't do them as standard either. They do them on a walk in basis though and you can pay extra for it. Other than the test you've done, have you noticed any other changes, like new or fewer symptoms? Do you have your first scan booked? xx

Sunshineraye in reply to Missl73

One day my symptoms are there and the next they aren’t - plays with your mind massively. My scan is tomorrow morning at the epau. Xx

Missl73 in reply to Sunshineraye

Fingers crossed for you, I'll be thinking of you let me know how you get on xx

Missl73 in reply to Sunshineraye

How did your scan go today? Xx

In my opinion I'd say they look exactly the same and are nice and dark for 10dp5dt. Try not to worry lovely, your digital was probably 1-2 because of your diluted wee. Hope all goes well with your pregnancy, and congratulations x

They look the same to me too, keeping everything crossed for u xx

Hey these both look like strong positives to me Hun!! Good luck xxx

They both look really strong in my opinion. I'd say try not to panic as it all looks good. When I got mine after a FET is was nowhere near that strong until days and days after my OTD, and I had a full term pregnancy.

Wishing you all the best!

Hi, I wouldn’t be at all worried if these were my tests. They BOTH look very strong and any subtle difference is likely to be insignificant. HCG readings can vary during each pregnancy and the test likely looks for a specific HCG level which it then converts into pregnancy weeks. Your levels may be lower in the same way that some women have really high HCG levels, or it may simply be that you ovulated or implanted later than you think. Try not to worry or think the worst. Your lines are evidencing that you’re very much pregnant and there’s no noticeable difference between those tests. Hope you get professional reassurance soon...x

My tests are always negative. I would say for you to be getting BFP it’s looking very positive. Get to docs tomorrow and ask for blood test.

Zala88 in reply to Zala88

Always best to test in the morning

MamaVe in reply to Zala88

Hey, I'm just curious... so did you get it positive at the end? I mean sometime you have this condition when your HCG doesn't show up in urine as the main compound gets metabolised cannot be detected by the tests. Only beta can be any helpful in such case.

I think I am having a chemical at the moment and my tests are a lot lighter than yours and never got that dark. I think you are fine and in great shape, you should stop testing (especially when not FMU!!!) and try and enjoy your pregnancy, I think you are (understandably) looking for problems that aren’t there. Good luck for the next 8 months xx

Hcg is d most reliable test

I think u should trust that than these tests

Can you send me the pic in my private message please? I couldn't open the pic that seems broken icon... without seeing that it wouldn't be fair to comment without seeing that. I don't quite understand your count though. I mean the test only shows upto 3 weeks or 3+ and I guess it's the same in your case. 10dp5dt is like 15-16 days post-conception and then it can be 2+ weeks. I think you don't have a reason to speculate any chemical just yet. More so because you haven't had a more positive HPT this time and then it decreased to indicate any pregnancy loss. You're definitely pregnant so time to think positive and stay optimistic for now unless you really have a reason to doubt your chances of full-term gestation. Wish you all the luck!

They are strong positives. Rising bhcg will reassure you. Wishing you well.

Think you have no way of telling unless you get your bloods measured. Does your clinic do that?

I’d say they both look really strong. Don’t worry too much about it only saying 1-2 on the digitals at this stage. 9dp5dt is spot on 2 weeks as far as they are concerned so only being a day or two later and still 1-2 isn’t cause for concern. HcG levels can vary so much at this stage. If you cant get a beta to confirm your HcG levels are rising then test again with a digital in a couple of days and it should have increased by then. Both my first BFP (a successful pregnancy) and my second BFP (a chemical) were showing 1-2 weeks at 9dp5dt whereas my third BFP (also a successful pregnancy) was showing 2-3 weeks at 9dp5dt so they really can all be different. I hope this is your longed for BFP.

Thanks everyone for your help and support I’m so grateful. After going through a previous loss I think it’s hard not to always be on the look out for signs. I’ve decided to get a blood beta this morning because I will never bleed while I’m on progesterone and I have to do the awful and painful intramuscular injections so I don’t want to keep doing them for three weeks until my first scan if this pregnancy isn’t progressing normally. I’ll update the thread with my result this afternoon x

Cinderella5 in reply to Missl73

Wishing you loads of luck.xx

Best of luck with the blood beta. These tests look good and strong to me. When I've had problems they have always been much fainter lines.

I hope this all goes well for you x

It looks like I may have been overly worried. My first blood beta is in at 349. This puts me above the cut off in the table here based on my dates which is some comfort. I’ll do another test on Wednesday to confirm that it’s rising as expected. I think the digital week’s test must have been affected by my dilute urine. I vow to never ever take one of those again!

Cinderella5 in reply to Missl73

Oh that's great news, really pleased to see your update!xx

Kempton in reply to Missl73

Great news. Hope all goes well on Wednesday!

They look the same to me, every time I had a chemical one line would look significantly lighter. Good Luck xx

Congrats on your bfp.

Sorry about previous CP.

I became pregnant with my daughter a year after my CP it’s very nerve racking being pregnant after a loss & I couldn’t fully relax until she arrived safely.

The tests look strong positive & clear blue require higher HCG & if you tested without first urine will definitely not be so accurate at this early stage it needs to be first urine & not to consume excessive amounts of fluids ( at 6 + weeks can be tested anytime I was a serial tester & my levels were higher in the afternoon!)

The most reliable method to measure is HCG blood test, I did the same I tested & brought the tests under a light & asked my hubby what he thought he said they are positive haha & looked at me like I was crazy 😜 at least could blame the hormones 🤣& this crazy journey is hard & doesn’t stop at the dreamed of BFP sadly ☹️

The only advice I can give which sounds cliche is to take it one day at a time “today I am pregnant tomorrow I might not be but today I am so will try to be excited about it “ It’s sad fear robs us off enjoying our pregnancy it should be such a happy wonderful time.

Lots of women have CP but most will go on to have a healthy baby 👶 Wishing you the best with your pregnancy hope you get reassurance soon xxx

In my honest opinion they both look the same. Strong BFP. When I had my chemical the tests were getting noticeably lighter and lighter and I already knew what was happening when I had to go in for beta. I know all too well the terrible feeling and no matter what anyone said I knew in my heart the inevitable. If it will make you feel better I’d go get a “walk-in” beta just to put your mind at ease! Good luck

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